To succeed, online stock traders need formidable asset management, investment skills and reliable stock trading software. Hedge fund investors face unique challenges including difficulty getting seed capital for their ventures. That’s why Samantha Greenberg made headlines when Cowen Group’s investment management business unit Ramius LLC decided to invest $130 million in Greenberg’s new hedge fund, Margate Capital. Ramius will render comprehensive support to help Margate achieve its goal of pursuing a long/short equity strategy across multiple sectors.


Samantha Greenberg is the managing partner and chief investment officer of Margate. With years of experience in providing online trading services, especially investment advisory management services and operation and management of hedge funds, she honed her equity investment skills when she was partner and media/consumer sector head on the investment team at Paulson & Co. Inc.


Margate Capital’s success in capturing the $130 million commitment is especially noteworthy because hedge fund managers have had a difficult time lately, with many losing money for investors. Hedge funds involve speculative investments and come with greater risks than the overall market. According to a recent CNBC report, in 2015, hedge funds saw their worst annual return since 2011, but some astute fund managers still managed to help their clients make decent profits.


Stock trading software is making a difference in the world of online trading. These commission-free platforms help both novices and seasoned investors trade stock with higher leverage on capital. They allow traders to keep track of how their investments are doing on their mobile devices, anytime and from anywhere.


Online trading in Canada is getting increasingly popular. The convenience of trading stocks online has opened the eyes of Canadians to the earning possibilities of investment, and many are trading in US stocks as well. Once you learn the ropes of online trading, free commission stock trading can prove a useful option to execute your strategy.



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