Free Orders
$0 Free Limit Orders

Limit order must not create an immediate match .
Symbol must trade on the NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ and greater than $1.
This applies to all orders that are 200 shares or greater.
Fee Example Commission
Buy 1000 shares of AAPL at less than $125.25
AAPL Current Price (Bid 125.20 x Ask 125.25)
Sell 10000 shares SIRI at greater than $3.65
SIRI Current Price (Bid 3.65 x Ask 3.70)

Paid Orders
Paid Orders: $.005 Per Share

Orders less than 200 shares: $.99 flat fee.
All stocks, ETFs and warrants on NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX and OTCBB greater than $0.10.

Fee Example Commission
Buy 1000 shares of AAPL at $125.10 or greater
AAPL Current Price (Bid 125 x Ask 125.10)
Sell 2000 shares SIRI at $3.75 or lower
SIRI current price (Bid 3.75 x Ask 3.80)
Buy 100 shares of SIRI at Market $.99
OTCBB, PINK Sheets, Stocks below $1.00 are
$.005 per share
(Buy 2000 shares of ABC at $0.75)
Buy 190 shares IBM at 135
IBM Current price Bid 135 x Ask 135.05

Other Fees

Hard to Borrow Short Locates At cost
Hard to Borrow Overnight Shorts 7x per share cost first night. 1x every night thereafter
Margin Debit Interest 8% annually (only applies to stocks held overnight with values exceeding equity)
TAF Fee $0.000119 per share, sell side only
SEC Fee .00002210 x dollar amount, sell side only
NSCC Fee 0.00003 per share, $0.18 maximum and $0.033 minimum
FOCUS Fee 0.0000007 per share
SIPC Fee 0.000015 per share






per contract
Options pass through fees  
OCC $.04 per contract
ORF fee $.05 per contract
Option Exercise or Assignment $35

Trade Desk

Broker assisted trades are available for all US stocks and options.All orders called into the Trade Desk or initiated via web chat incur a $15 charge plus regular execution charges.

Platform Fees

OTC Markets is an additional fee of $5 for Level 1 and $15 for Level 2 for non-professionals.
Professional exchange fees are passed through at cost and cannot be rebated with volume.

Platform Monthly Cost Volume for Free Platform
ZeroWeb Level 2 $59 80,000 shares per month
ZeroPro $79 100,000 shares per month
ZeroMobile Free Must have an active Web or Pro user ID
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