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Updates and Downloads


Build 605


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: Chart Drawing Tools Toolbar including easy access to color, line style and weight
  • New: Chart Drawing Tools Draw Multiple (double click tool to lock)
  • New: Chart Rectangle-Select Zoom (hold Ctrl key to activate)
  • New: Chart Reset Zoom
  • New: Chart Drag Limit Order line to new price for cancel and replace order
  • New: Chart Text Notes
  • New: Chart Vertical (Price) Zoom and Pan (Must unlock vertical zoom/pan to use)
  • New: Chart Lock Vertical Zoom/Pan
  • New: Chart Snap Drawing Object to Candle (hold Shift key to activate)
  • New: Customizable Chart Colors (access through General Preferences)
  • New: Customizable Chart Colors for Current Price Line and Last Value Side Indicator
  • New: Chart better auto-zoom-to-fit behavior
  • New: Chart previous day Open/High/Low/Close Indicator
  • New: Auto-notification/installation for new builds of Zero Pro including change lists
  • New: Instance management will prevent more than one instance of Zero Pro from running at the same time
  • Fixed: Crash when trying to create Setup/Send Order Hotkey for Locate Available
  • Fixed: Invalid error message received when using liquidate 100% of position hotkey
  • Fixed: Hide Limit Up/Limit Down in Level 2 Window was not working properly
  • Fixed: Hotkeys: Wrong side options with Buying Power Quantity Type
  • Fixed: Level II: Position Bar would not properly reset when reconnecting with a different account
  • Fixed: Several other minor bugs

Build 603


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: New styles and sizes for Trade ticks/arrows
  • New: Higher limits in price fields of Level II and Simple Order windows
  • Fixed: Duplicate data in some windows
  • Fixed: Auto-Send Hot Keys do not send properly with certain values 1,000 or more
  • Fixed: Candle Countdown behavior updated so that it is continuous during market hours and will not run after market close
  • Fixed: Updated Label for Candle Countdown Timer when in title bar
  • Fixed: Order Confirmation shows wrong Approximate Value for Options Orders
  • Fixed: While using range order in Level II Window, the low and the high price are increasing when pressing down arrow key
  • Fixed: Random infrequent crashes on updating connection status

Build 602


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: Candle Countdown Timer on Charts
  • New: New styles for Trade Arrows on Charts
  • New: Current Tab in Portfolio Window will be saved with Layout
  • New: Top List Symbols will show Short Sale Restricted Status
  • Fixed: Level II Windows data randomly goes blank
  • Fixed: News Filter stops updating after selecting several symbols from the list
  • Fixed: Hot Key Exposure Limits fixed to work if you already have an overnight position
  • Fixed: Hot Key Limits aren't checked unless you have a share quantity included in the Hot Key
  • Fixed: Hot Key Setup/Send Order now updates available sides based on quantity types
  • Fixed: In Panning Mode, chart allows you to pan past current date/time
  • Fixed: Previous Close line doesn't fully extend across chart after you zoom in
  • Fixed: With "All Sessions" turned off, hi/lo tick can have a pre-market value in it
  • Fixed: Show In Positions Shaded Chart Feature Error
  • Fixed: Show Grid Lines option didn't allow you to turn off grid lines
  • Fixed: Volume band is drawing bars upside down after loading layout
  • Fixed: Saving and reloading profile causes chart Volume band to get smaller each time
  • Fixed: Adding indicators to the Price Band causes chart margins to incorrectly increase
  • Fixed: Exiting ZeroPro while connected can lead to not having a clean disconnect from the server

Build 601


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: Net High/Low markings on Charts
  • New: Option to show Current Price as full horizontal line on Charts
  • New: Net Change columns for Put/Calls in Options
  • New: Hotkey support in Simple Order Entry
  • New: Updated help system in Short Locate Window
  • Fixed: Drawing of Trade Arrows and Pending Orders on Charts
  • Fixed: Double-clicking on chart items brings up wrong item in Chart Properties
  • Fixed: Portfolio Closed Positions is not showing latest transaction on top
  • Fixed: Portfolio Open Positions has issues with custom column ordering
  • Fixed: Top List Filters are not being applied to new items entering the list
  • Fixed: Chart grid returned to visuals of earlier build (592)
  • Fixed: Order text on Chart made more visible
  • Fixed: Chart Zoom In/Out is not always smooth
  • Fixed: Conditional Order Window sizing issues
  • Fixed: Better default size of ProCharts Window
  • Fixed: Updated keyboard input on Level II Window
  • Fixed: Clean up Date/Time formatting on News Window
  • Fixed: Removed some Time-In-Force settings on Hotkeys that were not valid
  • Fixed: Drawn objects on chart will now properly show across different time period selections

Build 599


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: Chart Indicators can now be individually hidden or shown
  • New: Expanded filtering functionality for the Top List
  • New: Complex Options window now colors Last, Bid & Ask with their last movement
  • New: Added 4 more Linking Groups
  • New: Setup or Send Order Hotkey now supports Share or Exposure limits to prevent over buying/shorting via hotkey
  • New: Add To Watchlist Button in titlebar of Level II and Simple Order Window
  • New: Portfolio window supports positive/negative data colors from General Preferences
  • Fixed: Strike price for an option sometimes does not immediately populte on the Complex Options Window
  • Fixed: Right-Click Options Montage from Open Positions Window on an Option Position now works
  • Fixed: Crosshairs in chart will no loger cover up the data summary in the upper-left
  • Fixed: Saving Chart Indicator Sets with certain reserved names was causing crashes
  • Fixed: Hotkeys window would sometimes have missing Side Type in Setup or Send Order
  • Fixed: Hotkeys window would not populate Side Type when changing Hotkey Types
  • Fixed: Random crash when receiving quote data
  • Fixed: Crash in Short Locate Window during Help
  • Fixed: Time in Force dropdown options have been cleaned up
  • Fixed: Alarm Manager default size set to remove empty space
  • Fixed: Top List does not immediately respond to positive/negative data color changes in General Preferences

Build 597


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: Save Indicator Sets from Charts and Apply them to other Charts
  • New: Set a Default Indicator Set for all new Charts
  • New: Customize the order of the Trading Buttons in Level II Window (Buy, Sell, Short, Cover)
  • New: Several new filtering options for the Top List Window
  • New: Updated UI for the Alarm Manager
  • New: Minimize/Restore All functionality when in Free Floating Windows Mode
  • Fixed: Charts are not properly reloading certain Indicators
  • Fixed: Parabolic SAR indicator is not properly appearing on charts
  • Fixed: Pre/Post Market session labels are not appearing correctly
  • Fixed: VWAP is not drawing on charts properly
  • Fixed: Deleting an indicator from a chart and then adding a new one can cause the indicators on the chart to become incorrect
  • Fixed: Simple Order Window is allowing incorrect keyboard input
  • Fixed: Incorrect Hotkey Description on Setup or Send Orders for differing quantity types
  • Fixed: Cannot change column order in Level II Window
  • Fixed: Connection Dialog Enter now triggers the Connect Button
  • Fixed: Crash when right-clicking on Top Ten Window
  • Fixed: Crash in Short Locate Window during Help
  • Fixed: Several Chart crahses
  • Fixed: Crash in Level II Window

Build 595


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: Maintenance release addressing issues 594
  • Fixed: Drawing objects are not loading properly with saved layouts

Build 594


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: Alarm Manager, a centralized location to setup and manage all of your symbol price alarms
  • New: Top List Window now contains several sorting options
  • New: Lock as Symbol Source option in Level II Window allows you to link multiple Level 2 Windows and switch the active symbol in all other linked windows with a single click
  • New: Symbol highlighting in Watchlist that will save with your layout
  • New: Hotkey Range order creation has been updated to be clearer and discourage incorrect range order setup
  • New: Option in Global Preferences to suppress connection statistics
  • Fixed: When Hide Account name is set, account name still shows in some places
  • Fixed: When selecting New Layout some settings from the old layout were persisting
  • Fixed: Watchlist Window can no longer edit title rows
  • Fixed: Watchlist will no longer prompt for confirmation when you delete a row
  • Fixed: Launching other windows from Watchlist with a SSR restricted stock was not working properly
  • Fixed: Applying Watchlist Preferences caues Title Rows to get messed up
  • Fixed: Crash when removing visible columns from a grid
  • Fixed: Crash in charts when updating position data
  • Fixed: Crash when manipulating windows in the Windows dialog
  • Fixed: Crash while trying to run ZeroPro under Parallels
  • Fixed: Several additional stability fixes to elimiate some uncommon crashes
  • Fixed: Single-instance windows (Portfolio, News) that were not visible when you saved your layout were not properly saving changed settings
  • Fixed: Keytips on menu toolbar have been removed so that they will no longer interfere with hotkeys

Build 592


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: Connection Window has been updated
  • New: PNL (either by percent or amount, overall or by day) can now be shown in the Charts
  • New: Watchlist allows for highlighting a row, for easier tracking during sorting
  • New: Time and Sales Window now allows highlighting of bid/ask/trades over certain sizes
  • New: Time and Sales Window now allows custom font, fontsize, and colors
  • New: Level 2 Window now allows up to 8 Custom Buttons, instead of 4
  • Fixed: Hide Account Name feature was not working in Portfolio Window
  • Fixed: Some other issues around account names in the Portfolio Window, especially if you have multiple accounts
  • Fixed: Simple Order Entry was not in the Quick Access Bar
  • Fixed: Crash in General Preferences with setting some transparent colors
  • Fixed: Crash in News Window on Symbol change
  • Fixed: Adding Price ROC into the Charts would cause crashes
  • Fixed: Some other rare crashes in the Charts
  • Fixed: Crash when saving Hotkeys
  • Fixed: Window Dialog did not show Short Locates Window.
  • Fixed: Crash when closing some windows

Build 591


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: Maintenance release addressing issues with new features in 590
  • Fixed: Crashes on creating/editing hotkeys
  • Fixed: Crash due to Level II Preferences Hotkey Button dropdowns accepting text
  • Fixed: Range Order hotkeys were not working properly
  • Fixed: Some rare crashes in ProCharts

Build 590


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: Updated Icons for the Main Bar & Quick Bar
  • New: Option to Auto-Hide the Main Bar
  • New: Simple Order Entry
  • New: Assign Hotkeys to Custom Buttons in the Level II Window
  • New: Preference Options in Portfolio Window to show/hide trading stats
  • Fixed: Crash exiting Level II Preferences
  • Fixed: Level II Preferences is cut off on the bottom
  • Fixed: Crash on setting certain General Preference colors to transparent
  • Fixed: Crash on reordering Columns in Preferences
  • Fixed: Potential (rare) crash on startup
  • Fixed: Potential (rare) crash on Liquidating All Positions.

Build 589


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: Customizable sound events for Market Open/Close and Partial Filled Orders
  • Fixed: Level II Window gets cut off on the bottom for some users
  • Fixed: Potential crash on startup for a small number of users
  • Fixed: Market Clock issue with next Pre-Market session time on weekends
  • Fixed: Level II Window Position Data Bar now shows Number of Shares in Long/Short data color instead of Positive/Negative

Build 588


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: Limit Up-Limit Down in Level II Window
  • New: Market Clock with current session indicator
  • Fixed: Potential crashing issue when switching accounts or reconnecting

Build 587


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • Fixed: Locate issue in Build 586 has been fixed
  • Fixed: Cached Invalid Symbol in Short List can now be cleared with Right-Click -> Clear Invalid Symbol

Build 586


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: Current Position Data now shown on Level II Windows (option to hide)
  • New: Window Selection Dialog to find hidden/misplaced windows. Move to Front/Send to Back/Center/Close
  • New: Options Window will now display a warning if the current order and visible option chain do not match, including a Synchronize button
  • New: Options Window support for stops has returned
  • New: Notification messages in Level II Window will stay visible longer
  • Fixed: Better handling of invalid/not-found symbols in orders
  • Fixed: Hotkey issue with Side on Setup or Send Order hotkeys has been fixed
  • Fixed: Hotkey issue with Display Quantities of 0% has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Level II Quantity edit box coloring indicating "Linked to Position" will now properly clear if user edits the value or position changes
  • Fixed: Level II Window up/down numeric edit boxes will no longer wrap around values at min/max
  • Fixed: Watchlist will now accept a first-character comma (as well as tick or period) to designate a title row.

Build 585


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: Emergency release to address Christmas Eve Sessions on Charts.

Build 584


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: Option Symbols in Order History and Trade Aggregator now match other windows
  • New: Filters for Hi/Low Ticker events
  • New: Alarm Settings UI updated. New voice sounds added. Custom sounds now easier
  • New: UI Updates to the Short List WatchList
  • New: Order Rejection notifications in Level II and Options window
  • New: New options in Setup Or Send Order Hotkeys
  • New: Zoom +/buttons on Pro Charts
  • New: Better data management on symbol change when multiple charts are linked
  • Fixed: Setting a pen-weight of 8 in the charts causes problems
  • Fixed: Short List: Issues with the UI updating after actions on this screen has been fixed
  • Fixed: When typing in a symbol change, Enter can accidently trigger the last active button
  • Fixed: Level II Form: Level I data sometimes disappears on a linked window update
  • Fixed: Level II: Erase Quote feature fixed/updated
  • Fixed: Apply button in Level II and Watch Preferences window was not applying all changes

Build 583


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: General Preferences dialog, including several customizable colors for the application
  • New: Hide/Mask Account Name feature (available in General Preferences)
  • New: Disable Order Confirmation can be set as the default for new windows (also in General Preferences)
  • New: Liquidate All hotkey can now be applied to Stocks Only, Options Only, or All Positions
  • New: Customizable colors in News window including different colors for Headlines/Stories
  • Fixed: Linking a daily chart with a minute chart would sometimes cause chart refresh issues
  • Fixed: Previous Close wasn�t refreshing on initial load of Portfolio/Closed Positions
  • Fixed: When loading layouts in Floating Window mode, offscreen windows will be repositioned onscreen
  • Fixed: Global HotKeys would sometimes execute twice
  • Fixed: Selling via HotKey would sometimes make Portfolio/Open Positions lose the Friendly Options name
  • Fixed: Level 2 Data would stop updating in some rare situations
  • Fixed: Existing Liquidate All HotKeys could not be edited to turn confirmation off.

Build 582


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: Charts Position Avg Price Indicator
  • New: Charts now always show the last 250 orders even if there are more. That is also a setting the user can increase
  • New: Simplified options montage
  • New: System diagnostic window to help support
  • New: Watchlist hint when hovering the symbol showing the full display. Like TSLA** hints to TSLA (*SSR*)
  • New: Charts window will show whether a symbol is SSR or not in the title
  • Fixed: Watchlist header rows were sometimes getting trimmed
  • Fixed: SSR flag would sometimes be reset when pulling a chart on the symbol
  • Fixed: Level2 trade default would not work on symbol change
  • Fixed: Watchlist SSR flag (**), "Symbol Not Found" or Options Friendlier symbol would save as the symbol in the layout
  • Fixed: Watchlist loading a symbol which had the SSR flag would try to load charts/level2 with the extra text in the symbol
  • Fixed: Sometimes some options strikes wouldn't show up in the montage

Build 581


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: In watchlist, insert current open positions
  • New: Simplified options montage
  • New: System diagnostic window to help support
  • Fixed: Chart hint window how shows 3 decimals
  • Fixed: If typing an invalid symbol, you now see feedback
  • Fixed: Up arrow key wasn't working in watchlist
  • Fixed: Pnl on illiquid options after market Opened regardless if they had a trade

Build 580


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: Same as 579 except fixes the install over 578

Build 579


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • New: Order Confirmation window redone
  • Fixed: New chart issue due to faster protocol, was causing issues when data for intraday and daily arrived at the same time
  • Fixed: Loading hotkeys from previously saved hotkey file
  • Fixed: Settings button on TopTen window now works
  • Fixed: WatchList saving/reloading of saved configuration

Build 578


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • Fixed: Hotkeys reloading from file
  • Fixed: Build 577 was not installing properly when an older build was present

Build 577


  • IMPORTANT: Builds 577+ need .NET 4.8 which will let you download and install but may prompt a reboot of your computer
  • IMPORTANT: Please uninstall any prior releases before installing this new version
  • New: Re-increased max windows allowed to high numbers
  • New: Charts pre-market starts at 4am
  • Fixed: Level2 sometimes would stop updating
  • Fixed: Remove windows limitations
  • Fixed: Open Positions GainLoss % since Opened
  • Fixed: Condition order window quotes not flowing in
  • Fixed: Charts: Some issues with object selection
  • Fixed: Charts: Indicators improved or fixed (Parabolic SAR, RSI)
  • Fixed: Charts: Issue when reloading one chart affecting another with the same symbol

Build 571


  • IMPORTANT: The build after 567 contains lots of changes with the protocol therefore should be used if you experienced connectivity issues or are having issues with bugs fixed in this build
  • IMPORTANT: Builds between 567 and 571, had an issue where symbols may remain subscribed
  • New: Complete redo of the HiLo ticker options
  • New: Chart side indicators more visually pleasing
  • New: Chart CrossHair side indicator to the left/bottom of the axis instead of inside
  • Fixed: Numerous protocol improvements on login errors or server issues
  • Fixed: Bug with HiLow Ticker window which caused it to not work since build 567
  • Fixed: Closed overnight positions after build 567 were not fetching PrevClose showing no Day PnL for that closed position
  • Fixed: Chart ExtendedLine and ExtendedParallelLine issue where you could only remove them after adding them
  • Fixed: Chart logos stopped showing up

Build 568


  • IMPORTANT: The build after 567 contains lots of changes with the protocol therefore should be used if you experienced connectivity issues or are having issues with bugs fixed in this build
  • Fixed: Issue with unrealized not updating on some portfolios

Build 567


  • IMPORTANT: This build contains lots of changes with the protocol therefore should be used if you experienced connectivity issues or are having issues with bugs fixed in this build
  • New: Reworked protocol to reconnect aggressively when lags are detected. This was necessary with the growing internet congestion
  • New: Added 2 global Data Servers, one in Asia and one in Europe to help with the internet congestion
  • New: System Message window now provides statistics on delay and provides the server time down to milliseconds
  • New: Market Depth Window (Level2) now shows LR (Locate Required) instead of NS (Non-Shortable)
  • Fixed: Occasional issue occuring with saved chart drawing objects causing a hard crash

Build 565


  • New: Top List category for all Exchanges
  • New: Chart Drawing objects change colors and properties
  • New: Chart Drawing objects now persists by Symbol, for Intraday or Daily (right click menu is available to remove them)
  • New: Watchlist option to not flash updates
  • Fixed: Chart Zooming out massively randomly on switch between daily and intraday
  • Fixed: Daily Charts cross-hair was offset by one bar
  • Fixed: Charts Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
  • Fixed: Charts line selection was not working well when zoomed out fully
  • Fixed: Portfolio window shows last message properly in the title bar
  • Fixed: Issue with Conditional Orders, sometimes sending one order with an invalid order type

Build 564


  • IMPORTANT: All previous builds have to upgrade to 564 or higher before Oct 6th
  • New: Added options to turn the logos off, and to adjust the Alpha channel to be more transparent
  • Fixed: Charts Trades triangles and Orders lines on wrong position, since build 562
  • Fixed: Market Depth (Level2) Time & Sales columns being too small on the width

Build 563


  • Fixed: Charts Multiple issues fixed that were introduced in build 562, relating to selection and manipulation of objects, especially drawing objects

Build 562


  • New: Portfolio now has text and values in Italic & Underline when the account is a Demo account
  • New: Charts now display the company's logo on the most popular tickers
  • New: Charts now have the option to not shade pre/post sessions
  • New: Charts now displays the hovered bar's values in the title, if outside the control it shows the latest values (Properties can also make the values based on Candle Color)
  • New: Improved speed of Portfolio when an account has thousands of orders
  • Fixed: MarketDepth (Level2) Percent Changed wasn't displaying the % sign often especially on large movers
  • Fixed: MarketDepth (Level2) Qty would reset automatically to the poition after a short amount of time
  • Fixed: MarketDepth (Level2) Precision would automatically reset to 2 decimals regardless of the setting on a change of symbol

Build 561


  • New: Added MarketDepth (Level2) possibility to hide account on multiple account logins, it's a preference if multi-account, default False
  • New: Added MarketDepth (Level2) possibility to hide shares located, it's a preference default False
  • Fixed: A few issues in the LocateWindow in regards to sellbacks
  • Fixed: Having 2 Options windows on same symbol, changing expiry would update both windows improperly

Build 560


  • Fixed: Introduced issue where when prompted to locate from the MarketDepth (Level2) and the LocateManager window wasn't opened a Fatal crash would occur
  • Fixed: Ability to remove Symbols from the LocateManager watchlist

Build 559


  • New: Locate Credits are in! A unique TradeZero innovation (Patent Pending)
  • New: Self-Directed help (Currently only in the "Locate Manager & Short List" & "WatchList")
  • New: Added Network Diagnostics to the Connection Dialog to help troubleshoot connectivity issues
  • New: MarketDepth (Level2) option to automatically load positions is default to True
  • Fixed: Charts displaying repeat bars when no trades or activity on the bar/candle
  • Fixed: MarketDepth (Level2) ShortIndicator not always updating after a locate
  • Fixed: MarketDepth (Level2) Position Button not always populating the current position
  • Fixed: MarketDepth (Level2) Display issues with symbols of high prices, above 1000
  • Fixed: Options Montage crash when pressing an action and no contract selected
  • Fixed: Watch list inserts issues, when on first row, it would hang. Any other rows, the repositioning was wrong.

Build 556


  • New: MarketDepth (Level2) when shorting HTB stocks not yet located, or lacking enough locates, a prompt asking whether to locate pops up
  • New: ShortLocate update MarketDepth (Level2) window with any Locate changes if Symbol is loaded
  • New: Portfolio changes update MarketDepth (Level2) window with any changes if the symbol is loaded
  • New: Added Charts background color shade for Pre/Post sessions
  • New: Charts Profile Color selection now saves in the layout
  • New: Charts VWAP options on toolbar are now more intuitive, with a DropDown that adds/removes the indicator
  • New: Charts some select indicators can only be added once (Volume, VWAP and Previous Close)
  • New: Charts the fact options were showing on the Underlying's Charts

Build 555


  • New: MarketDepth (level2) window now displays locate Available/QtyLocated
  • New: MarketDepth (level2) Option to automatically load positions and have background colored Green=Long, Red=Short
  • New: Hotkey fix for SymbolLiquidate
  • New: Hotkey feature add or LiquidateAll and SymbolLiquidate support for percentages of positions
  • Fixed: An issue with the options montage when changing controls with no option contract loaded

Build 554


  • New: Re-added the Default Shares to TradeDefaults
  • Fixed: Charts when Interval is changed (ie from Daily to 1-Minute)
  • Fixed: Account number showing in Level2 window regardless of number of accounts (should only show when more than 2)
  • Fixed: Options window not re-opening afterwards

Build 553


  • New: Added Previous Close Indicator (Automatically added to new Chart Windows along with Volume)
  • New: Charts Improvements and Fixes
    • - Chart Window properties improvements
    • - Indicator properties no longer auto-open
    • - Fixed an issue with MAEnvelopes indicator
    • - Added a Default Decimals properties (now defaults to 2). The chart will still use more decimals when the range is small
    • - Made all Chart Properties work properly (Show/Hide grid lines, Date/Time Axis on 1 or 2 lines, and more ...)
    • - Show Trades options moved to chart properties, Show Trades and Orders options, Ticks (Triangles) sizes, Show/Hide "In Position" shaded, and control display text
    • - Exposed the different chart styles (Line, Candle, CandleWicksColored, OHLC, HLC)
    • - Rename labels of indicators and series, and control the Axis Indicator visibility
    • - Zoom-in/Zoom-out improvements
    • - Charts will save the range, and changing symbols will keep the range
  • New: Options Improvements
    • - Double-click Portfolio Open Positions on options, opens and loads the option properly
    • - If not loading a position, the expiration tab will select the current ATM option
    • - Buttons are matching colors of the Market Depth window
  • New: MarketDepth Qty and Option Window Qty had background colored based on the portfolio position side
  • New: Added Available Cash to the Portfolio (Used to be called Cash BP)
  • New: Single-click Portfolio uses the link to load the symbol (and uses the root on options)
  • New: Added a MarketDepth option to always load the position in the Quantity field on Symbol Change
  • New: MarketDepth window displays the currently selected Account when the user has multiple Accounts
  • New: ShortLocate window shows times of requests and updates
  • New: ShortLocate window shows more precision to avoid rounding of the per share price
  • New: Added Ability to unlink from Window Groupings
  • Fixed: A bug with LiquidateAll hotkey
  • Fixed: A bug where in hotkeys setup, PriceSource and StopPriceSource were always the same
  • Fixed: Watchlist InsertRow doing nothing when the grid is entirely empty

Build 552


  • New: MarketDepth MouseWheel now uses the preferences settings for increments
  • Fixed: An introduced issue in 551 which on any unknown symbols it would reset the portfolio window and clear the grids
  • Fixed: Accounts being duplicated in reconnections to servers in the portfolio account dropdown
  • Fixed: Some inconsistencies in opening the preferences windows throughout the application

Build 551


  • Fixed: An issue where the server would send an unknown value on rejected orders
  • Fixed: Overnight DayRealized calculations when the position was short and partially closed

Build 550


  • New: Changed a hotkey behavior where if the user would try execute a hotkey, the system will reset rather than wait to detect a sequence. This addresses pressing 2 hotkeys in very fast succession
  • Fixed: A Chart issue where VWAP would sometimes reset while loading the bar data
  • Fixed: DayRealized PnL on still opened overnight positions

Build 549


  • New: Added hints to Account Details in Portfolio to explain what each metrics mean
  • New: Level2 "NumPad Qty Multiplier" is now defaulted to 0 (Off) so it doesn't interfere with the controls unless desired by the user
  • Fixed: Charts when in panning mode, or not pegged to the right, would not update live

Build 548


  • New: Portfolio Window fixed options PnL Calculations
  • New: Portfolio Window OpenPositions now displays Options symbols more clearly
  • New: Hotkeys PriceSource EntryPrice now averages from Both Intraday & Overnight positions for the symbol
  • New: Hotkeys Quantity Percent now uses Both Intraday & Overnight positions for the symbol

Build 547


  • New: Portfolio Window top PnL are now representing the Day PnL values, Total values are in the Account Details tab (Old Buying Power tab)
  • New: Window DateTimes now show time only when same day, and Time & Date when in previous days. Also fully sortable
  • New: Window now works with Window Groups
  • New: Added Minimize/Maximize buttons to lots of the windows
  • Fixed: WatchList Alarms not saving/loading and triggering

Build 546


  • New: Portfolio Window now shows current live %Equity & current BP multiplier
  • New: Portfolio now has %Equity and Actual Multiplier used from TotalExposure
  • Fixed: Introduced issue in Build 545, where on Level2 clicking the Ask levels would set the price using the Bid levels
  • Fixed: The fact that Route could be edited with wrong values sending orders to the server to invalid routes
  • Fixed: An issue with the increments where if the levels or the trades had focus, it would double increment
  • Fixed: Up/Down/Left/Right to not update prices or quantity when in a different control that should handle those (ie. OrderType, Route, TimeInForce)

Build 545


  • Fixed: An issue if Hotkeys file was corrupt, the hotkey window wouldn't open. It also now displays a message and makes a copy of the corrupt file
  • Fixed: A MarketDepth issue when executing a SetupOrSendOrder Hotkey where the qty would be 1 share
  • Fixed: MarketDepth notifications where sometimes it won't show the absolute last ones
  • Fixed: Hotkey AutoSend of SetupOrSendOrder where some parameters could be invalid, like GTC+ or Day+, or Route
  • Fixed: MarketDepth where after SetupOrSendOrder Hotkey execution, the Qty field is focused and all text selected
  • Fixed: MarketDepth All NumericEditor for Prices or Volume to support MouseWheel
  • Fixed: MarketDepth SetupOrSendOrder Hotkey AutoSend Execution while disconnected and Route being empty
  • Fixed: A Hard Crash when Exported to Excel and it failed in the Portfolio

Build 544


  • New: Added Volume to Options Montage
  • Fixed: An intermittent Crash with the Options window when re-opening
  • Fixed: Watchlist Save/Load From File which was causing crashes
  • Fixed: Watchlist Insert which was inserting at the row below
  • Fixed: An Issue in the Portfolio when reading Time In Force
  • Fixed: Sorting by Date in the News Window

Build 543


  • New: Hotkeys Fixes
    • - Fixed Stop-MKT and Stop-LMT hotkey configurations
    • - Fixed Hotkeys using the Numpad keys
    • - Fixed a Level2 crash when not connected and a hotkey is executed
    • - Fixed OrderActions based on a specific side
    • - Fixed hotkey QuantityType of Position % to be max 100% (and enforced on execution, max is 100%)
    • - Hotkey configuration will now make a sound when a wrong input key is entered
    • - Hotkey will now have a verbose description in the grid
  • Fixed: Market data in the ConditionalOrder window
  • Fixed: Alerts setting in WatchList
  • Fixed: TimeAndSales preferences to show gridlines

Build 542


  • Fixed: Conditional Order window Close/Reopen
  • Fixed: Hotkeys issues introduced in recent changes
    • - Global hotkeys can now be global to the application or OS global (more restrictive on combinations)
  • Fixed: Locate window issues introduced in builds 540/541
  • Fixed: Options window issue with non-us system locate where the date failed parsing as it was in the local language
  • Fixed: Time & Sales ability to type a symbol anywhere in the window
  • Fixed: "Shares Traded" in Portfolio that was getting doubled

Build 540/541


  • IMPORTANT: All previous builds have issues with Day+/GTC+ new order expiration types, build 538 and greater required
  • IMPORTANT: Complete overhaul of hotkeys, many combinations previously supported will no longer work and some functionality was moved to non hotkey behavior (incr/decr and Qty Multiplier)
  • New: Build 541 fixes an issue with Hotkey files saved in the last few builds, as changes were in progress
  • New: Build 541 fixes the expected defaults for increment/decrements in the Level2 window for saved layouts (100 for shares and 0.01 for price)
  • New: Build 541 fixes the confirmation required when the application isn't active (like minimized) on Global Hotkeys affecting Orders or Positions
  • New: Build 541 Added Saving of UseDisplayQty and MaxDisplayQty in MarketDepth window (Level2)
    • - "Shift+Letter", "Shift+Number", "Up/Down/Left/Right" are no longer supported combinations, as this was too simple and was creating issues with other controls or windows
    • - Escape by itself is now supported again
    • - Combination of keys is now supported (like: "Ctrl+R, Ctrl+R" when keyed within a short time frame)
    • - Simplified commands, The Old "Window Load", "Hot Key Execute" and "Window Execute" are now in a single command, now called SetupOrSendOrder
    • - Self descriptive help along the setup to make it easier to know what it does
    • - Hotkeys for orders are not MarketDepth (level2) window specific, as orders will soon be available from all other windows
    • - Options in Level2 window Preferences were added for Incr/Decr and QtyMultiplier as those should never had been "hotkeys"
  • Fixed: The ShortLocate window now showing text for errors or other status
  • Fixed: SymbolSearch, of opened and then closed, would not re-open
  • Fixed: Watchlist insertions when a sort was active so it keeps the order properly

Build 538


  • IMPORTANT: All previous builds have issues with Day+ and GTC+ new order expiration types, only this build forward handles this right
  • New: Improved the ShortList load speed and made it refresh if not initialized automatically to avoid closing/re-opening
  • Fixed: An introduced issue with Day+ and GTC+ orders in the Portfolio
  • Fixed: Introduced issues in build 537 with Watchlist row type detection

Build 537


  • New: Added Day+ and GTC+ OrderTypes
  • New: If a modal dialog window opens (like hot keys) the connection window will close, since it tries to be top-most
  • New: Watchlist fixes:
    • - Removed error on Watchlist when the symbol was wiped out
    • - Fixed the WatchList performance issues especially on sorts by making it automatically adjust dynamically based on performance load
    • - Made header rows possible with . or '
    • - Fixed Watchlist loading/saving of watchlist files
    • - Added menu to clear sorting
    • - Added menu to delete any trailing rows at the bottom
    • - Fixed a crash on closing since making recent changes
  • Fixed: The Chart AutoZoom issues
  • Fixed: A crash when opening an option window from the portfolio
    • - Fixed an issue with the AllOut hotkey where if many positions the orderIds were not properly set messing the portfolio views
    • - Fixed the navigation hotkeys where the window would show, but not get focus
    • - Fixed the fact that all hotkeys were registered as global, making the keystrokes not work in most other windows and especially other applications
    • - Level2 WindowLoad was never setting order Expiration

Build 535


  • New: Window titles (Level2 and T&S) now have "Symbol (*SSR*) : CompanyName" when in SSR mode
  • New: Chart Indicators first values to the left starts at the right values
  • New: Made times throughout be 24 hrs based rather than AM/PM. This is for consistency within all windows. Later will be a global option
  • New: WatchList Bug Fixes:
    • - Fixed the DeleteRow crash introduced in Build 534
    • - Fixed the issues when sorting, the updates went all out of order
    • - Fixed the right click, open another window. This was forever broken before
    • - Simplified menu for Add/Remove Row
    • - Made the settings button work in the window toolbar
  • Fixed: Level2 CancelLastOrder hotkey
  • Fixed: Level2 pressing Enter and possibly sending an order while entering a new symbol
  • Fixed: Level2, if Decimals is changed, it is now reflected on all values, the Montage, LastTrades and the L1 labels on top

Build 534


  • New: Complete Rewrite of the WatchList window
  • New: Made columns headers have dividers on all grids throughout the application
  • New: Made charts to consider bid/ask to filter out of order ticks (normally from late reporting)

Build 533


  • New: Level2 Quantity editor improved behavior to avoid exceptions
  • New: On a LoadLayout, it will now register the watchlist symbols and the charts
  • New: Account portfolio had an issue with SOD OvernightBP and RealizedPL (The realizedPL was also wrong in 496)
  • Fixed: Editing of symbols in Watchlist, where if a symbol was typed quickly, the second keystroke was lost

Build 532


  • New: Re-enabled the upload of crash & error reports

Build 531


  • New: Started heavy Rework of Preferences Window
  • New: Level2 customization of fonts persisting now into the layout
  • New: Added Settings toolbar button and made it work on Charts and TimeAndSales
  • New: Temporarily disabled changing of colors on TimeAndSales (To later have it global for L2 and TimeAndSales)

Build 530


  • New: Complete rework of the TimeAndSales window
  • Fixed: The crash when the Hotkeys file doesn't exist, on brand new installs

Build 529


  • Fixed: Hotkeys Loading at StartUp (didn't work all the time in 528)

Build 528


  • New: Removed an issue on App closing that was trying to modify a settings file in Program Files requiring Administrator and causing an error
  • New: Hotkeys load on startup
  • Fixed: A crash when chart indicators were recalculated while deleting an indicator

Build 526


  • New: VWAP now has an option to calculate all sessions (7am to 8pm) or just the Regular Trading Session
  • New: After 6:12pm every day, anything in the system was having wrong times (conversion bug from the old 496 code)
  • New: Level2 fix where trades were showing up to LastTrade-1

Build 525


  • New: Feature, if in floating mode, when minimizing the ribbon, the window will also be smaller
  • Fixed: Some charts session issues with 60mins and a few "Irregular" sessions (Times where it doesn't fit squarely within the session length)
  • Fixed: Of changing Qty or any other values in Level2 where the input was captured as part of the symbol
  • Fixed: On charts if the symbol text was blank and pressing enter or tabbing out, it was setting the symbol to nothing (Making a symbol not found)
  • Fixed: Default price increments in Level2 was in fact 1.00, it should had been 0.01 all along
  • Fixed: Minimize ribbon in the non-floating mode

Build 524


  • New: Fixes on chart sessions which could have created other visual issues with charts
  • New: Added chart option to show/hide trade size on chart trades (So called Triangles)
  • New: Started work on Charts Properties window
  • Fixed: The hint window which was showing hours in 12hour format, rather than 24
  • Fixed: Chart showing trades AvgPrice on market orders (was 0 before as it was using the order limit price)
  • Fixed: Chart displaying proper session names

Build 523


  • New: Blank out the saved IP after 8 quick attempts, to go back to the Load Balancer
  • Fixed: User orders showing on charts (was broken in recent builds)

Build 522


  • New: Made options orders not show on charts (Portfolio has the symbol as the underlying)
  • New: Colored Chart orders based on Buying vs Selling for colors
  • New: Added the version# to the uploaded crash report

Build 519


  • New: Open Orders are now showing on charts as a semi-dashed line (it cannot be dragged to change price, will come at a later time)
  • New: When orders are showing, the chart Axis auto-expands so they're visible, turning off "Show Trades" resets that by also not displaying orders
  • New: Main window in floating mode shouldn't be allowed to maximize, that's now disabled in floating mode
  • New: Level2, WatchList & TimeAndSales weren't displaying dark pool prints, making them look out of sync with the charts downloaded from chart server
  • New: Fix for some rare users where IPv6 was used, our DNS aren't resolving that properly, so if it detects an IPv6 resolving, we use the default IP for the load balancer
  • New: Faster switch between accounts in the portfolio especially if many orders are present (On multi-accounts)
  • Fixed: Keystrokes on chart for zoom out, also fixed the fact it considered hyphen a valid character

Build 518


  • New: Orders for charts complete rework
  • New: Added possibility for charts to Show/Hide Trades (So called Triangles) based on an option
  • Fixed: Typo in TopTen

Build 517


  • Fixed: Issue with loading after a new install, seemed to be due to DefaultLayout being locked and remaining locked. Seems Anti-virus related
  • Fixed: Chart DrawingObjects, when double clicked, was causing a crash

Build 516


  • New: Added Color Profiles on Level2
  • New: Started work on a new Faster Level2 window

Build 514


  • New: Made layouts load significantly faster
  • New: TimeAndSales can now be closed
  • New: Level2 Hotkeys issue when clicking number pad is resolved
  • New: Charts should load today's bar properly in Daily
  • New: Charts when adding an indicator, it now opens up settings automatically so users can see the options to customize
  • New: Added the 30mins and 60mins buttons to charts
  • New: In chart, if you type "8m"+Enter, it will load the chart as 8 minutes, any number between 1m and 90m works
  • New: Added a settings button next to the LinkToGroup but only have the level2 currently showing it, preferences still needs to be done
  • Fixed: Watchlist saving of columns (and will load a layout that was erroneously saved properly now)
  • Fixed: Level2 Volume which was loading last trade size, instead of day volume

Build 512


  • New: Made VWAP a parameter to AddTrade in ProCharts
  • New: Calculate VWAP from the historical records received in Charts to match old build 496
  • New: Options Cell click handling works
  • New: Layouts should save properly
  • New: When closing the application, it�s a lot faster
  • New: VWAP has been re-added. It calculates it from the bars close * Volume, of the main session. Pre market is same as each bar's close, and post market it will remain the same as 4pm.
  • New: Changed the SplashScreen

Build 510


  • New: Sending of CrashReport to the servers implemented
  • New: Level2 fixes to make it match the old code
  • New: Ability to type in a symbol on most symbol based windows anywhere in the window
  • New: Added a "New layout" button to Pro Main window
  • New: Chart Control keys +/for zoom in/zoom out
  • New: Cleanup on closing the application to be faster and more error free
  • Fixed: Some protocol conversion issues from the old code
  • Fixed: The main window so floating windows are not always in front of the Main Window

Build 505


  • New: Fixes to layout issues, complete rebuild of how windows implement it
  • New: Added very basic indicator property editor
  • New: Complex options now checks for the underlying when loading chains
  • New: Added time into the System Message window
  • New: Very old no longer used HotKeys code cleanup
  • New: Major rewrite of data flow into Level2 window for speed
  • Fixed: A bug in charts where it wasn't reloading the indicator set

Build 504


  • New: First Setup release of new Beta Build
  • New: Made ActiveWindow title be a Bright Green for easier identification of which window is active
  • New: Made Level2 windows OnDemand rather than pre-created (removed limitations)
  • New: Removed All experimental indicators
  • New: HotKeys little UI improvements
  • New: Started to rework the flow of messages between the data Protocol and windows
  • New: Started rewriting Layouts handling
  • New: Removed old broken ComplexOptions
  • New: Added protection for ProCharts on Indicator calculations. After 20 calculation errors, it stops calculating that indicator
  • New: Made Charts save to Layouts
  • Fixed: Conversion bug with Volume & VWAP



  • New: Complete options window rewrite
  • New: Complete data protocol handling rewrite, which was causing heavy delays and reconnections on older builds with slower user hardware
  • New: Integrated new ProCharts and removed the old charting package, which is more useable and much faster
  • New: Reorganization of the UI for an across the application consistency (Like level2 especially)
  • Fixed: Applied to Window Linking and also consistency on the window link button in the titlebar

Build 496


  • New: Previous stable build, no longer supported




Build 2.6.7


  • New: Reason for orders being rejected now shows in order history.
  • New: Set default limit or market order in the settings.
  • New: Show PnL on order entry screen for open positions.

Build 2.6.6


  • New: Default share size to position size when you have an open position on trade screen
  • Fixed: Locate button partially hidden when entering a symbol into locate window.
  • Fixed: Change chart info to open, high, low, close.

Build 2.6.5


  • New: In-app update notifications.