TradeZero is a licensed broker dealer based in Nassau, Bahamas. TradeZero is listed and regulated with the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. To check our active registration, please click here.
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TradeZero provides direct market access trading to the US exchanges, a full suite of online trading platforms, and commission free stock trading.

The TradeZero smart router will route the non-matched orders to market centers that provide payment for order flow or rebates. These market centers include ARCA, EDGX, BATS, NSDQ and others.

As TradeZero offers US market access and clears through a US clearing firm, TradeZero is subject to Reg NMS. This basically states that firms are obligated to provide investors with executions at the best possible price. To read more about Reg NMS on Wikipedia, click here.

Vision Financial Markets. Vision is a US based clearing firm registered with FINRA and the Securities and Exchange Commission. http://www.vfmarkets.com/

Phone support is available from 8am to 6pm eastern time. Web chat is available 24 x 7.

There are NO Pattern Day Trading restrictions. Accounts with $1000 or more are approved for margin and can daytrade without restriction.

US and Bahamian citizens cannot open accounts with TradeZero for trading US stocks and options.

The short list is extensive and derived from multiple pools of easy to borrow lists, including Vision and Convergex. Hard to borrow shares can also be located for a fee.

The short list is imported daily into the trading platform. If the stock permissioned to be shorted the platform will show a green S next to the symbol box. The entire short list is also posted in the online portal.

The fees are quoted per share. The rate is determined by the difficulty to borrow the stock on that day.

Vision, Convergex and others.
Rebates are paid for order flow by various market centers including EDGX, ARCA and NASDAQ.

It doesn’t matter if you are long or short, as long as you use a limit order to execute away from the market, and the stock is trading at $1 or higher in share price.

No, all fees are either $.005 per share or free. There are no additional routing fees.

Yes. However, demo executions DO NOT in any way reflect live trading executions. They should not be used as a metric for how live trading works or executes in any way.

No it is not. TradeZero has $5,000,000.00 insurance through Bahamas First General. Bahamas First General has an A-(Excellent) rating with AM Best.

Yes, ZeroWeb can be used on a mac via Safari and Mozilla. The ZeroPro version would require Windows emulation, or parallel PC to run on a mac.

Accounts can be funded with as little as $500 for no leverage (cash account), $1000 for 4 to 1 leverage and $5000 for 6 to 1 leverage.To read more about account leverage, please click here

TradeZero has education partner relationships that can help with trading education. TradeZero can provide you a real-time demo that will allow you to trade the stock market and not lose a single penny!

At Tradezero our door is always open to new relationships. Please contact us if you would like to be part of the TradeZero team. We offer all our associates unlimited earnings potential. Learn more by clicking here. Get started today and become one of our trusted partners.

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