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How can I start trading cryptocurrency with TradeZero International?
In order to open a TZI cryptocurrency account, you need to open and fund a TZI brokerage account. To get started, navigate to https://www.tradezero.co/ and follow the instructions to submit an application. You will have the option to add cryptocurrency trading to your application which will then require you to execute the TradeZero, Inc. Cryptocurrency Customer Agreement, the TradeZero, Inc. Cryptocurrency Platform Agreement, and the Zero Hash and Zero Hash Liquidity Services User Agreement and acknowledge the TradeZero, Inc. Cryptocurrency Risk Disclosure. Please visit https://www.tradezero.co/faq for more information on TZI brokerage account requirements.
I already have an open and funded TZI brokerage account, how can I trade cryptocurrency?
If you already have a TZI brokerage account, you can open a TZI cryptocurrency account through the Client Portal: [My Account > Enable Crypto]. You will be asked to review and execute the TradeZero, Inc. Cryptocurrency Customer Agreement, the TradeZero, Inc. Cryptocurrency Platform Agreement, and the Zero Hash and Zero Hash Liquidity Services User Agreement and acknowledge the TradeZero, Inc. Cryptocurrency Risk Disclosure. Note: Currently, cryptocurrency trading is only available on the TradeZero ZeroPro trading platform. You will need to choose ZeroPro as your securities trading platform in the TradeZero Cient Portal.
Who is Zero Hash?
TradeZero, Inc. ("TZI") has partnered with Zero Hash LLC and its affiliates ("Zero Hash") to provide cryptocurrency trading and custody services to all TZI cryptocurrency account holders. Cryptocurrencies custodied at Zero Hash are held separately from your securities held in your TZI brokerage account. When you open a TZI cryptocurrency account and agree to the terms of Zero Hash's services, you will be able to trade and hold cryptocurrencies with Zero Hash. For more information on Zero Hash please see https://zerohash.com/.
Why am I signing agreements with Zero Hash?
TZI offers you cryptocurrency trading through Zero Hash. When you open a TZI cryptocurrency account and agree to the terms of Zero Hash's services, you will be able to trade and custody cryptocurrencies with Zero Hash.
How can I contact TZI support?
You can reach TZI support through chat, on our website, by emailing cryptosupport@tradezero.co, or by telephone at (954) 944-3885. Chat is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Chat is located on the bottom right corner of the TZI website (tradezero.co) and inside the TradeZero Client Portal.
What happens after my account application is submitted?
In most cases, the account application is approved quickly. Sometimes we need to do some additional verification, which may extend the application approval process. You will receive an email either confirming your application status or requesting more information. During periods of high volume, it may take us a little longer than usual to review your application - We appreciate your patience.
What platforms support cryptocurrency trading?
Currently, only the TradeZero ZeroPro Desktop platform supports cryptocurrency trading. We hope to enable additional platforms for cryptocurrency trading in the future.
What types of cryptocurrency accounts does TZI support?
Only individual cryptocurrency accounts are currently supported. Neither third party accounts nor entity accounts are supported. Only one individual account per person is permitted.
How can I fund my account?
You will not be able to utilize your TZI brokerage account nor your TZI cryptocurrency account until you fund your TZI brokerage account with a minimum of $500. You deposit funds for your TZI cryptocurrency account the same way you would for your TZI brokerage account. Please navigate to the wires tab in the TradeZero client portal. From there, follow the instructions for depositing your funds with our banking partner. Once we have your funds you can use them to purchase securities in your TZI brokerage account or cryptocurrencies in your TZI cryptocurrency account. The proceeds of any sale of cryptocurrency in your TZI account will be deposited back to our banking partner for credit to your TZI account. This happens automatically.
How can I withdraw from my account?
To withdraw your funds from TZI, log into the TradeZero Client Portal for instructions on how to withdraw settled funds from your TZI brokerage account.
Can I send cryptocurrency to friends, relatives or peers?
No peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions or third-party transfers of cryptocurrency are currently supported. You can buy and sell cryptocurrency with your TZI account through Zero Hash.
How can I maintain my cryptocurrency buying power?
Because your TZI cryptocurrency account is tied to your TZI brokerage account, you will need to maintain an equity balance of $200 in your TZI brokerage account to access the TZI cryptocurrency platform and receive cryptocurrency buying power. Please remember that your equity minimum will also affect your TZI brokerage account buying power. Consult the TZI website and brokerage FAQs to understand how changes in your account equity may affect your TZI brokerage account buying power.
How do I make a cryptocurrency trade?
You can enter an order to buy or sell cryptocurrencies on the TradeZero ZeroPro platform through the Crypto Order Entry window. Open a Crypto Order Entry window and use the search bar to enter a cryptocurrency symbol. The Crypto Order Entry window will populate with quote information. From there, you can choose to enter the quantity or dollar amount of cryptocurrency you want to trade. You can then enter your order by clicking on the Buy or the Sell buttons.
What happens when I place a Cryptocurrency trade?
When you place an order to buy cryptocurrency with TZI, you have authorized TZI to transfer your funds in the amount required to purchase the cryptocurrency from TZI's banking partner to Zero Hash. Conversely, when you sell cryptocurrency, you are authorizing TZI to accept the deposit of the proceeds of such sale into its account with the TZI banking partner for credit to your TZI cryptocurrency and brokerage accounts. The movement of funds between accounts occurs behind the scenes, but there are some things you need to be aware of if you decide to trade securities and cryptocurrency. For example, because there is no margin on cryptocurrency trades, when you purchase cryptocurrency, your available cash will be diminished by an amount sufficient to cover the cost of your cryptocurrency purchase. Note that this may impact your Buying Power for securities trading significantly because your available cash and margin rate are used to calculate your Buying Power for purchasing securities in your TZI brokerage account.
Why can't I see any decimals for crypto positions in my portfolio?
You will need to update the number of decimals displayed in your ZeroPro portfolio by right clicking inside the appropriate Portfolio window and going to Preferences, then Format, and then choosing the Column and entering the number of decimals to display.
Does TZI offer margin for cryptocurrency trading?
No. TZI does not offer margin for trading cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency positions are not marginable and must be fully paid for.
Can I short sell cryptocurrencies?
No, you cannot short sell cryptocurrencies at this time.
What are the trading hours?
Cryptocurrency trading is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for a small window from 11:55 pm to 12:15 am ET every day for routine maintenance and account reconciliation.
How soon are cryptocurrency trades settled?
Cryptocurrency settlement is instantaneous. Proceeds from the sale of cryptocurrencies will be immediately available in your TZI brokerage and TZI cryptocurrency accounts for securities or cryptocurrency trading, respectively.
What is my cryptocurrency buying power?
The amount of cryptocurrency buying power is (approximately) equal to your available cash. Because cryptocurrency settlement is instantaneous, your buying power in both your TZI brokerage and TZI cryptocurrency accounts will automatically update after you buy or sell cryptocurrency.
How soon after I sell cryptocurrency can I withdraw my funds?
Although cryptocurrency settlement is instantaneous and the proceeds from the sale of cryptocurrencies are immediately available in your TZI brokerage and TZI cryptocurrency accounts, for accounting purposes those funds may not be available to withdraw until the next U.S. banking day.
Transaction History
When your cryptocurrency transactions are completed, TZI will send you email confirmations of your cryptocurrency transactions to the email address associated with your TZI cryptocurrency account. You can also view your current sessions transactions in the ZeroPro portfolio, and your historical transactions in the client portal.
Account Fees and Commissions
TZI does not charge you for opening and maintaining a TZI account or for completing cryptocurrency transactions. However, Zero Hash may assess a spread for each cryptocurrency transaction. This spread is the difference between the exchange rate (market value) Zero Hash receives from a cryptocurrency exchange, marketplace, or liquidity provider and the available quoted price TZI receives from Zero Hash. The exchange rate (market value) may be higher or lower based on market conditions. Any spread that is assessed by Zero Hash will be included as part of the exchange rate (market value) you see on the platform. This spread will also affect (i) the quantity or percentage of cryptocurrency you receive in connection with a purchase and (ii) the proceeds you receive from the sale of cryptocurrency. TZI and Zero Hash may share the spread Zero Hash charges you for completing cryptocurrency transactions on the platform.
Assets Safety and Insurance
Your TZI cryptocurrency account is not a securities brokerage account, or a checking or savings account, it is not protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), and it is not insured against loss should TZI or Zero Hash (our cryptocurrency trading partner) go bankrupt.
How does Zero Hash keep your cryptocurrency safe?
Zero Hash has developed its Digital Asset Vault to store user keys and to sign transactions. The Digital Asset Vault uses physical, cyber, and operational methodologies to ensure security and efficiency. For more information, please see https://seedcx.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015805333-How-are-my-digital-assets-secured-.
What is the risk of trading Cryptocurrency?
The risk of loss in purchasing, selling, and trading cryptocurrency can be substantial. You should carefully consider whether such activities are suitable for you in light of your circumstances, financial goals, and resources. Please see TradeZero’s Crypto Risk Disclosures on investment and trading in cryptocurrencies at https://www.tradezero.co/crypto.
Are cryptocurrencies regulated?
Unlike the regulations governing the securities markets, there are no regulations that require anyone to continue to support a cryptocurrency market, and there is no assurance that a person who accepts a cryptocurrency as payment today will continue to do so in the future. In the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, cryptocurrencies are regulated by the Digital Assets and Regulated Exchanges Act, 2020. As a result, cryptocurrencies currently face an uncertain regulatory landscape.
Do I have to pay taxes on cryptocurrency transactions?
TZI does not provide tax advice and we encourage you to consult a tax professional in your country about your personal financial situation.
Where can I learn more?
Education is important to know how to begin investing in cryptocurrencies. TradeZero offers articles on the basics of investing and market trends here.
For more information see Investopedia’s informative webpage on cryptocurrency https://www.investopedia.com/cryptocurrency-4427699
Where can I find my Account Documents?
You can find both your TZI brokerage and TZI cryptocurrency account documents and agreements in the TradeZero Client Portal.
You can find the following documents:
TradeZero, Inc. Cryptocurrency Customer Agreement
TradeZero, Inc. Cryptocurrency Platform Agreement
TradeZero, Inc. Cryptocurrency Privacy Policy
TradeZero, Inc. Cryptocurrency Risk Disclosure
Zero Hash and Zero Hash Liquidity Services User Agreement
How do I change my account personal information?
Please contact cryptosupport@tradezero.co or, alternatively, because your TZI cryptocurrency account and TZI brokerage account are linked you can also contact support@tradezero.co. Any personal information you change will update all your accounts.
Closing My Account
To close your TZI cryptocurrency account or withdraw a submitted application, please contact cryptosupport@tradezero.co to make this request. To end your relationship with TZI and close your brokerage account, please contact support@tradezero.co.

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Cryptocurrency Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency custody and transactions are provided by Zero Hash LLC ("ZH") and Zero Hash Liquidity Services LLC ("ZH Liquidity") according to their own terms and conditions. TradeZero does not custody or provide trading services in cryptocurrency. TradeZero is a separate and distinct legal entity from ZH and ZH Liquidity and ZH and ZH Liquidity are not under the control of TradeZero. Cryptocurrency accounts are not covered by SIPC protection. Cryptocurrency is not suitable for all traders due to a number of risks including but not limited to volatile prices, illiquid market conditions, lack of regulation, and market manipulation. You are solely responsible for evaluating your financial condition and deciding whether trading cryptocurrencies is appropriate for you.