Day Trading has for while now been very popular within the US and Canada. In recent years this has also become the case for the rest of the World. We have all heard the rumors about those who have made money from day trading. It might have been a friend of a friend or a video we saw on YouTube of someone driving a Lamborghini and claiming to be a millionaire day trader. For me personally I first heard about day trading when I stumbled across a guy called Dan Irish on Twitter. Like clockwork, Dan would post a winning chart every day and it seemed like he was winning thousands. The consistency was incredible. To be honest I didn’t even know if it was real or not. What I did know was that it was pretty cool if it was real and that I was interested in finding out how he was doing it.

A few months passed and this Dan Irish guy was still around, banking like a robot, day in day out. I soon found his YouTube channel and could see the clear process that he had developed over a period of years. It was real alright. I watched all his videos. Then I watched them again. Then I started watching other videos from people like Tim Sykes, Steven Dux and Jack Kellogg. I was hooked. I had a background in other forms of calculated risk and had done well. I understood probability and discipline. And I understood that I would become a day trader. I opened an account with TradeZero, deposited some money and started banging off trades. This was December 2020 and it was the greatest bull market of all time. Everyone seemed to be winning. Everyone except me. In my first month I had a 20% win rate. I was wrong pretty much all the time.

Fast forward to almost two years later and I’m still wrong a lot. I’ve nonetheless learned a huge amount in those two years and my abilities as a day trader have come on in leaps and bounds. In this blog I am going to highlight some of the factors that helped me and that I believe can also help other new day traders.
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Select The Right Stock Broker/Dealer

This factor can’t be stressed enough. Below is a brief list of the most important factors to be aware of when choosing a broker/dealer.

Zero Commission Trading

Learning how to day trade takes time and most people are likely to lose in the early days. Paying commissions on top of day trading losses can soon become very expensive.

For those day traders who use TradeZero International, all limit orders are zero commission provided they do not create an immediate match, trade at $1 or more on the NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ and the order is for 200 shares or greater. For full terms and conditions for commission free trading with TradeZero International click here.

It is worth noting that zero commission trading still does include transactional costs but overall trading costs may be reduced significantly when a trader does not have to pay commissions.

Advanced Trading Software

Specialized broker/dealers such as TradeZero International provide cutting edge trading software and advanced tools such as the ZeroPro trading platform. These tools make day trading easier for clients with advanced charting and high speed order execution.
TradeZero International offer four trading platforms to choose from:

  • ZeroMobile is perfect for both beginner traders learning the ropes and those with more experience who are on the move and often away from their desktop.

  • ZeroFree is a completely free, browser based trading software that more than does the job for new and intermediate traders.

  • ZeroWeb is an incredibly efficient and user-friendly trading software suitable for traders of all levels.

  • ZeroPro is a state of the art, dynamic and feature rich trading software. The charting, customizable windows and ability to save multiple layouts will help take your trading to the next level. TradeZero is also currently offering a free trial of the ZeroPro trading software. This is an offer not to be missed.

    (ZeroPro Charts - October 18, 2022)

    Good Customer Service
    Even after two years of day trading I still sometimes have questions. TradeZero customer support has never let me down and always solve my problems within minutes. Just don’t sign up to a broker/dealer with poor customer service.

    Have Your Personal Finances In Order

    We would all love to begin day trading and start banking from the get go. Unfortunately for many, this is usually not the case. Keep the day job for the time being, my friends. Gradually add to your account as you gain experience, avoid blowing up and thus give yourself a better shot at one day making day trading pay.

    Treat Your Day Trading Like A Business

    Day trading will eat you alive if you don’t take it seriously. Behave like an amateur and you will have amateur results. Make a pact with yourself on day one that you will behave like a professional. Journal your trades and be consistent with your study patterns. From day one be actively aware of the need to develop a process that you have faith in and that can take your day trading to the next level.

    Maintain Discipline Outside Of Day Trading

    This factor is very important. How we do one thing is how we do everything. If we are emotional and ragged in our behavior in the day job, trust me when I say that we will also be emotional and ragged when day trading. Strive to be calm, precise and logical in behavior away from day trading so as to increase the chances of being calm, precise and logical while day trading.

    Believe In Yourself!

    The most crucial factor of all. This is an amazing time to be alive. Practically every human on the planet has free access to the US stock market. Think about that for a moment! It is an amazing privilege. Well, allow me to confirm for you that you are as good as any of the other billions of people with this privilege.  90% + of people who try day trading will not show profits in the long term, but everyone begins with an equal chance. Grab that chance. Don’t sell yourself short. Apply yourself properly to the task and see how far day trading can take you.


    Everyone knows of someone, or has at least heard a story of someone, who has got rich from day trading. I was personally inspired enough by such a story to become a day trader myself. A vital part of becoming actively involved in day trading is to choose the right broker/dealer. I personally choose TradeZero as they offer zero commission trading, advanced trading software and great customer service. To increase the chances of day trading being profitable, it is also necessary to have personal finances in order, to treat day trading like a business, to maintain discipline in all areas of life and most of all, to believe in oneself.

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