Online stock trading with a reliable trading platform and broker dealer provides new investors with much needed guidance, insight, resources and state-of-the-art tools for trading successfully. One of the primary traits of an investor is studying the activities of major players, who have the capability to turn the tides of the market. A classic example of such a player is found in the Chinese stock market.   


Details of China’s Stock Trading "King" Emerge


The Chinese government’s strategy has always been put into action by the so-called “King” of China’s stock market, the China Securities Finance Corp. Its investment activities were revealed by mandatory shareholder disclosures in the annual reports of various Chinese companies.


They reveal that the CSF is a top 10 shareholder with stocks in over 600 companies, some of which are big players in the country. Banks, consumer firms and state-owned companies dominating benchmark indexes are particularly favored. It also only targets firms experiencing above-average profitability. Its holdings in each company do not exceed around 3% of shares outstanding.     


Local Investors Observe CSF Actions


Thanks to the investing power of CSF, local investors are looking to keep tabs on its favored stocks so they can secure momentum from the state buying. They watch the changing positions of the CSF to guess its timing and the kind of stocks it could be purchasing or selling.


This state fund performs the double mission of supporting the market while making a profit. During China’s massive crash in the summer of 2015, CSF became the primary tool of the government to support share prices. This was evident when the Shanghai Composite Index rallied 16% after a one-year low. This was possible through state purchases and positive speculation about the growth of the economy. 


Learning to Speculate on Major Players


Such players are major characters in determining the movement of the market, and investors need to observe their actions. When new investors begin their trading adventures, a reliable online broker dealer can provide them with in-depth industry advice acquired through years of experience in the thick of trading action. Online stock trading is the most convenient way of learning trading and gathering valuable experience, after which they could learn to make winning decisions based on observing major players at work.


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