We've come to that time of the year in stock trading when we need to plan ahead. Commission free trading may attract people to online trading, but to remain successful you need a clear path for the year ahead. Now that 2019 is almost here, it is high time you put your plans in place. But that also involves looking back at 2018 to see how the year has been.

Some Big Stocks Suffered in 2018

There's no hiding the fact that 2018 has been rough for investors. While stocks did go through a surge for the most part of the year, the few past months were filled with concerns regarding the Fed raising its interest rates, and the trade tensions between the US and China. The housing market also experienced a slowdown, and we saw these factors causing the stocks to go into a period of correction. Some prominent stocks suffered, among which are General Electric ($GE) and Facebook ($FB). The former suffered issues in its power division, while the latter suffered as a result of reports of security lapses. But there were also companies that experienced remarkable turnarounds in 2018. One of these is a successful social networking platform.

Remarkable Turnaround for One Big Stock

Twitter ($TWTR) is what we're talking about. The stock faced many disappointments the past years, but it has finally managed to scale the profitability ladder. At one point, the stock nearly doubled in 2018 and is now up 37%. Much of this is the result of the growth in the number of daily users by double digits. For four consecutive quarters, Twitter has reported GAAP profitability. Its revenue growth has been strong, particularly because advertisers seem to be getting value from the platform with video ads. The government and leaders have also been using Twitter to convey their decisions and points of view. Besides, it has proved to be a successful platform for disseminating news.

Steps have been taken to address some safety concerns that were raised. There is also the matter of the platform being conducive to abusing people through sensitive tweets. Those concerns are being dealt with. In any case, Twitter has emerged as a reliable source of disseminating information and views while also being a news platform. The market is of the opinion that Twitter could continue to grow in 2019.

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