New efficient online trading innovations have made trading stocks online more accessible to the average person than ever before. Since their inception, licensed broker-dealer TradeZero has offered commission free trading. Their zero-commission stock trading software allows you to trade and locate stocks from any device.

TradeZero America’s New Innovation

And now TradeZero America has announced yet another innovation. This time, it’s geared towards active traders who can now choose the exact destination where their orders get routed for execution. For investors having a minimum balance of $30,000 in their trading account, the service is also commission free!

How This Innovation Is Different from Other Trading Platforms 

“Most trading platforms enable investors to choose the individual market center where orders get routed to be executed” says TradeZero America co-founder Dan Pipitone. “However, these platforms usually charge a commission. Our commission-free provision for active traders gives TradeZero America an edge over our competitor’s platforms.” TradeZero America’s commission-free provision enables the rebate to be passed on to the investor which could potentially offset the per share cost. A simpler way of putting it is that you are almost getting paid to trade.

Commission-free Model and User-friendly Platforms

The commission-free model has been one of the major highlights of the TradeZero platform since its international depute in 2015. The popularity generated by their international trading platform, led to the creation of TradeZero America in 2019. With its user-friendly platforms, investors can choose the platform that’s right for them. There’s something for every trader out there, from the beginner level to the seasoned trader. TradeZero America offers direct access to the US market centers of stocks and options and retail investors are provided with professional grade tools.

TradeZero America provides robust short selling capabilities as well. Its innovative platform gives you access to stocks that are difficult to borrow for shorting. The stock locate feature is something that is incorporated into all its platforms. With the locator, investors can now sell shares to other traders on the platform - a patent pending feature of TradeZero America.

With TradeZero America’s direct access trading platforms, the innovations just keep coming. Take advantage of the latest in technical online trading platforms. Get started right away by giving us a call at 954-944-3885 or emailing us at


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