Stock trading and investing surely require experience, but sometimes the innate talent can enable you to hit the jackpot even if you may be new to the field. With online trading you can build the experience, but if you have the talent and the knack for it you probably could come across goldmines.


Being young need not keep you from investing big, as these investors have proved. Here’s a look into the investing of some cool young businessmen who’ve really hit the big time.


Tinder’s Sean Rad and Match Group Inc


Few youngsters in the developed world would not have heard of the mobile dating app, Tinder. This is partly the brainchild of 29-year old Sean Rad who co-founded Tinder at Hatch Labs, a startup incubator owned by InterActiveCorp (IACI), back in 2012. Online dating began getting more and more popular, and IACI spun off its online dating companies into Match Group Inc (MTCH) of which Tinder is a part. MTCH has reported amazing first-quarter earnings even beyond Wall Street expectations. Following the spinoff, MTCH stock rose 30% in six days of trading. And Tinder has been responsible for the lion share of the group’s growth.


Snapchat’s Determined Evan Spiegel


One of the very popular social media platforms among the youth is the hugely successful Snapchat. And the part-brain behind it is 25-year old Evan Spiegel, Snapchat’s co-founder and CEO. In 2015 Spiegel was worth $2.1 billion. However Snapchat isn’t public, meaning that its value changes according to the money raised from private equity investors, which is why all that wealth of Spiegel is illiquid. However, Spiegel refused to cash out and sell the company to Facebook or Google when tempting offers were made, and he did not quit his Snapchat position. This decision has seemed to be a wise one since Snapchat, now valued at $20 billion, is raising money.


Stephen Curry and Under Armour Sponsorship


And we just can’t ignore the achievements of an athlete, 28-year old two-time NBA MVP award-winner Stephen Curry. His brilliant skills on the court, particularly in the ball-handling department, may have earned him millions but what we’re focusing on is his Under Armour sponsorship deal that has made him a significant shareholder of the company. After the initial 2013 signing for $4 million, Under Armour has re-signed Curry for a deal running from 2015 through 2024 and provides him an equity stake. Following Curry’s signing, Under Armour’s revenue from footwear soared 64% in Q1. So Curry could strengthen his US stock position even further.


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