In online stock trading, you will find some stocks to be truly resilient. Tech companies have been doing well in the latest third quarter earnings reports. But one of them has gone through some tough times and has still managed to shine through.

Yahoo ($YHOO) has reported a 31% earnings rise in Q3. Its third quarter profit has risen from last year, and its bottom-line has touched $191.19 million, which would translate to $0.20 per share. This would be higher than the figures from Q3 last year when its bottom-line was above $145.74 million, translating to $0.15 per share. Analyst expectations had only been $0.14 per share, as per Thomson Reuters.

So how much would the impact of this positive earnings be on the company? Well, the company is about to be taken over by Verizon. So stock prices may not have much of an impact. However, it must be remembered that this was the quarter where Yahoo was faced with a major scandal, a data breach whereby the accounts of at least 500 million Yahoo users were hacked. It put Yahoo in a pretty vulnerable position, undoubtedly causing widespread breach of trust. This was after Verizon had announced its plans to acquire Yahoo in a $4.83 billion deal in July. Verizon ($VZ) could walk away from this acquisition deal, but it seems to be going ahead as planned though some sources reveal the telecommunications company is seeking a discount of $1 billion on the deal.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has said that she and her team are working tirelessly to renew customer trust and simultaneously make itself more attractive for a Verizon takeover. According to data released by $YHOO, customers have been loyal and its user engagement trends have continued to be encouraging. These engagement charts released by Yahoo have been revealed in TechCrunch.

Overall it seems the company has been resilient in spite of all the struggles. Resilience is also an important quality for you in online trading. When you’re starting out, features such as commission free trading would be pretty helpful in ensuring resilience and perseverance. That’s why TradeZero provides these and other features to encourage new traders. To learn more, call us at +1 954-944-3885, or email us at


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