With features such as zero brokerage trading available, everyone wants to have a shot at the stock market. They have different goals in mind. Some would just want to try out stock trading to satisfy their curiosity, while others want to think of it as a means of income generation for the long term. As popular as online stock trading is one of the investment opportunities out there - streaming video.

As per one of the latest surveys conducted by RBC Capital Markets and quoted by Motley Fool analyst Adam Levy, there are more people now streaming video from an increasing number of subscription services.

Survey Reveals Rise in Netflix, Amazon and Hulu Viewers

The survey particularly found viewership in the US for Amazon Prime ($AMZN) and the Disney-controlled ($DIS) Hulu on a significant upward trajectory. Among the percentage of the respondents in the survey, there was a 17-point increase from the survey last year in Amazon Prime Video viewers, and an 18-point rise in Hulu viewers.

53% of the respondents used Amazon while 43% used Hulu. 63% of the survey respondents were using it, an 8 percentage-point rise from last year. 43% used Hulu. However, their viewership is nothing when compared to Netflix viewers. 63% of the respondents were using it, an 8 percentage-point rise from last year.

Research by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners reveals that the past 12 months have seen Netflix increasing its subscriber base in the US by 5 million households. That enables Netflix to reach out to more than 60 million paid members. Amazon Prime is used by around 103 million Americans. That’s an 11% rise from the year past. There has also been a 75% rise in hours watched on Hulu. Unique viewers have risen to 82 million.

New Players Unlikely to Stir Established Services

What’s interesting is that the growth in Hulu and Amazon Prime viewers has not hurt Netflix viewers. There are already other players, but Amazon, Netflix and Hulu have enjoyed the first-mover advantage. But the field is likely to expand with new potential competitors coming in too.

And there probably is room for all of them, since the RBC survey reports consumers spending an increasing part of their time in video streaming, at the expense of home video, movie theaters and cable TV. And with more streaming options entering the fray, this trend is only likely to continue further. That means, existing players needn’t necessary suffer a significant decline since there are newer and newer audiences waiting to tap into the services of newer and newer players. So who are the new players?

AT&T ($T) acquisition WarnerMedia, NBCUniversal by Comcast ($CMCSA), and Apple ($AAPL) are among the new services that are set to launch later this year or early next year. Now that’s an investment opportunity you probably wouldn’t want to miss.

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