Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are attractive alternatives to mutual funds primarily because they have lower fees and higher liquidity each day than mutual funds. Another point of difference from mutual funds is that ETFs trade on a stock exchange, like common stock. Thanks to the lower fees and higher liquidity, ETFs are more attractive than mutual funds. They are also tax efficient, more than mutual funds, but simultaneously have powerful features like stocks, unlike mutual funds. ETFs are therefore among the most popular exchange-traded products. They are worthy options for you to think of in terms of investment.


An ETF fund owns underlying assets such as shares of stock or bonds, gold bars, foreign currency, oil futures, etc. The ownership of these assets is divided into shares, and while shareholders do not have direct ownership or claim to the investments that are in the fund, they have indirect ownership of the assets. ETF shareholders are entitled to a share of the profits of the business the ETFs are invested in. This could be through dividends or earned interest, or also as a residual value in the event of the liquidation of the fund. You can also easily buy, sell or transfer fund ownership just like you would do with stock shares.


As we mentioned earlier, you can trade ETFs on public stock exchanges. They also offer other advantages.


  • ETF owners are provided the index fund’s diversification. They also have the ability to buy on margin and sell short.
  • Most attractively, you do not have minimum deposit requirements.
  • The expense ratios for ETFs are usually lower than for mutual funds.
  • And, as we highlighted before, there are tax benefits with ETFs more than mutual funds.


ETFs are attractive options, and the right broker dealer can help you in profitable ETF investing. With TradeZero you have an experienced partner to help you trade successfully in exchange traded funds.


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