Online direct market access brokers have proliferated these days, and it’s probably the result of people really liking what they offer.

You could argue that online broker dealers have done service to society. They’ve brought one and all to the stock market, helping shake off the inhibitions and doubts in people’s minds. For one, people don’t have to physically be at the stock market to start trading. And then, broker dealers have a few aces up their sleeve.

Online Broker Dealers Offer Attractive Features

Take TradeZero, for instance. It offers commission free trading opportunities as well as a very attractive leverage schedule. And for a trading platform, it’s got three versions of its trading software including free versions plus the mobile app. And these platforms have many features to ensure traders can see the stock market from the comfort of their home or their workplaces, or even on the move.

TradeZero has platforms to satisfy novices as well as experienced, seasoned traders. So online broker dealers like these are attractive destinations for people wanting to play their game at the markets. And with the tools on offer, it need not always be guesswork. You are offered the tools you need to trade effortlessly, and broker dealers manage the fact that there are traders of different levels, following different approaches.

What TradeZero America does is offer direct access to stocks in Nasdaq and NYSE, as well as OTC stocks and ETFs. The multiple trading platforms help level the field along with features such as charting, Level 2 stock data and hot-keys.

Setting Up an Online Trading Brokerage

Getting a brokerage set up can be tough, and there are a great deal of procedures involved. You need the approval of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). To be qualified to provide investment recommendations, you need to be categorized as a Registered Investment Advisor. Investment advisors directly come under the regulation of the Securities and Exchange Commission. To ensure that your application for setting up your broker dealer is approved, your management team must have a Principal who is experienced.

And let’s not forget the capital requirement. You will need capital anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 to get your broker dealer started. That requirement could increase if your brokerage will be trading on behalf of its own accounts.

How Does TradeZero Earn?

One common question on people’s minds is that if the broker dealer provides zero commission trading, how on earth does it make money? In the case of TradeZero, it has two fee-based trading platforms – ZeroWeb and ZeroPro. That provides the broker-dealer with income. On many of its orders that get directed to exchanges, TradeZero gets rebates. It also charges a fee to secure a locate while a hard-to-borrow security is shorted. The fee is required before the stock is shorted.

And the TradeZero team has tons of Wall Street experience. The popularity of the broker dealer has resulted in its expansion, with TradeZero America launching in NYC. So get ready to venture into the stock market with the right partner in tow. Call TradeZero at 1 954-944-3885 or email


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