As you begin another week of online stock trading, here’s a look into some of the stocks that gained big and others that lost big during the first week of April:

Top Gainers

Rumbleon Inc ($RMBL) gets the credit for the greatest gain, as per It gained a massive 21.74%, attaining a Buy rating. The Strong Buy rating was reserved for another stock, biotech company Cel-Sci Corp ($CVM) that grew 21.41%. The company has been basking in the success of its cancer treatment immunotherapy trials. The trials apparently revealed cancer cells reducing by 50% to 100% after treatment. Golden Bull Limited ($DNJR) saw a 21.17% growth, raising its value to 7.90. gave it a Sell rating. In the S&P 500, Apache Corp ($APA) grew by 6.59% to get to a price of 35.57. TradingView gave it a Buy rating. EOG Resources Inc ($EOG) rose 5.3% to 98.63.

Top Losers

Verb Technology Company Inc ($VERB) lost a massive 51.80% to drop to 2.81 and earn a Strong Sell rating on Livanova PLC ($LIVN) dropped 27.88% to sink to 69.69, another Strong Sell. Duluth Holdings Inc ($DLTH) sank 25.23% to 17.60. It had a Sell rating. In the S&P 500, Dow Inc ($DOW) sank 4.14% to drop to 57.24. But it was rated a Strong Buy on Capri Holdings Ltd dropped 2.5% to 48.09.


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