The last week of August had its share of winners and losers, as always, and these changes must be closely monitored for effective stock trading. Let’s see who the stock market rewarded and who it dealt a hard blow!


On Thursday, telecommunications company Seachange International Inc ($SEAC) rose a massive 19.07% for a Buy rating on This was one of the stocks that gained massively in Thursday’s after hours trading. Opgen, Inc ($OPGN) soared 16.50% by Thursday, following 1:20 stock split. Trading View gave it a Buy rating. Semiconductor company Ambarella, Inc ($AMBA) had a 15.37% rise. The company beat revenue and earnings estimates. By Friday, Eltek Ltd ($ELTK) had soared 52.63% to be given a Strong Buy rating.

In the S&P 500, Western Digital Corp ($WDC) rose 3.98% to $57.27 by Friday. Dollar Tree Inc ($DLTR) had a 3.95% jump to $101.53. Campbell Soup Co ($CPB) had a 3.90% rise to $45 while Wynn Resorts Ltd jumped 3.60% to $110.15.


Afya Ltd ($AFYA) dropped 30.23% to $21.90 by Friday, and was categorized a Sell. UltaBeauty Inc ($ULTA) got a Strong Sell rating on Trading View after it sank 29.55% to $237.73. American Outdoor Brands Corporation ($AOBC) also received a Strong Sell categorization after it dropped 21.74%. MDJM Ltd ($MDJH) was categorized a Buy despite its 18.31% dip to $2.90.

In the S&P 500, apart from Ulta, Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc ($ALXN) had a 10.17% dip to $100.76. Cooper Companies Inc ($COO) had a 5.73% drop to $309.75. Marathon Oil Corp ($MRO) also dropped 2.95% to $11.84.

With advanced trading software, trading stocks is a lot more convenient now. But to plan your moves, you always need to monitor stock performance and what that could imply for the future.


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