An online broker is a broker that works with their clients via the Internet instead of in a brick and mortar location. Those who are involved in online trading will often hire these professionals or firms to assist them in purchasing and selling stock. There are many benefits to seeking the services of online brokers, and understanding these benefits will help you to decide if you need these services.


Their Primary Duty Is Middleman

An online broker acts as a liaison between their client and tradable securities. They also act as the middleman to help their clients purchase stock and sell to other investors. In most cases, a person hiring an online broker is hiring a firm, but there are online brokers who provide client-based services.

An online broker performs the same liaison duties as a brick and mortar broker, but they never see their clients face to face and perform all their duties online. In its most basic terms, the definition of an online broker is a trading provider who offers access to a digital platform, to help their clients buy, sell, and trade stocks.


History of Online Brokers

Before the Internet, investors had to meet with a broker in person or place their orders over the phone. This greatly limited how individuals could purchase or trade stocks.

The first instance of an online trading platform arose in 1985 and was created by William Porter. He later created E-Trade Securities Inc. in 1991.

K. Aufhauser & Company, Inc eventually offered online trading through Wealth Web. Over the years, online trading has vastly grown, and more and more online trading platforms are popping up. If you are interested in trading stock online, your broker will offer you access to a platform.


History of the Stock Market

Many people think of the New York Stock Exchange as being the first, but this is not so. There have been primitive stock markets since the 1300s, but they were nothing like the markets of today. Since its inception, the New York Stock Exchange arguably remains the largest and most powerful in the world. When investors are investing, they access the New York Stock Exchange through trading platforms online.


What Are the Benefits of Online Brokers?

There are many benefits to online brokers and online trading in general. When someone uses an online brokerage firm, they are not subject to the biases of traditional stock brokers.

A typical online firm imposes no implicit strategy for investors. This means the investor can fully customize their trading approach, but they are fully responsible for their own success or failure. The following offers insight into some of the benefits of online trading.

  • The investor has more control over their trade approach. With the online trading platform, you can take full control over your trades and meticulously maneuver the trading battlefield.

  • There is also a much higher level of convenience. Things can change quickly in the stock market, and having fast access is crucial for success. You purchase and sell stock from the convenience of your own home or even on the go. No longer do investors have to schedule a meeting with their broker to make things happen.

  • Online brokers offer a range of tools that give you the information you need in seconds. Having the right information at your fingertips is essential for making the right stock trades.

  • One of the biggest benefits of online brokers is cost. Because there are no brick and mortar locations, the costs are immense for investors.

  • You have access to buy any stock that is traded on the stock market which opens a vast landscape for you to trade in.

  • Many online stock brokers also offer access to international stock which will allow you to increase your options while remaining in full control of the decisions you make.

  • Online brokers also offer a range of financial tools that can help you protect your bottom line. From budgeting tools to mortgage calculators, there are plenty of options available from online firms.


    Why Do You Need an Online Broker?

    Most people who invest in the stock market do so because they want great financial returns. To be able to reach your financial goals, you must be able to identify the best and most promising companies in the market. Sure, you could give your money to a traditional broker and have them invest for you, but this puts you completely out of control and most people do not like that.

    If you truly want to invest in stock without limits, an online brokerage firm is your answer. There is no other method for you to retain complete control and have access to your account at any time and even on your cell phone.


    What to Look For

    When choosing an online broker, there are a few things to consider. Making the right choice will give you all the tools you need for trading success, whether you are a beginner or have more experience in the market. Consider the following when making a choice.

  • The online broker’s fees should be reasonable.

  • They should offer plenty of tools to make trading easier.

  • You should be able to open various types of investment accounts.

  • You should have access to a financial advisor when needed.

    Research is key when it comes to choosing an online broker. The more informed you are of your choices, the more smoothly the process will proceed.


    Bottom Line

    Choosing an online broker can help you gain experience and improve your investing strategy. Having access to a range of tools and all the companies who are trading on the market is essential.

    An online trading platform allows you to have access any time you want it. You do not have to wait to schedule a meeting or make a phone call to a traditional broker. Online brokers put you in control of your financial destiny, and they offer all the tools that make online trading easier and more rewarding.