In stock trading and investing, it is important that you have a clear picture of the various external influences on markets. This month there has been no dearth of these influences.

There are so many factors that could influence markets, and not all of them involve strictly financial or economic factors. Natural catastrophes could bring about changes. That's something you need to understand as part of trading education. The talk has all been about hurricanes this month. After Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc, Irma was announced to follow suit with Florida bearing the brunt. There were also some political tensions globally. Hurricane Irma left a serious impact on many cities in Florida, but as it weakened on Monday, September 9, US futures rose sharply. This was also facilitated by the intense international political tensions subsiding unexpectedly over the weekend. The hurricane helped insurance ETFs rebound too, according to observations by this analyst.

As the hurricane weakened to a Category 1 hurricane and eventually a tropical storm, safe-haven assets such as gold lost their appeal. Gold fell from the previous Friday's 13-month high. Irma did raise concerns in the oil sector, with oil prices sinking on Monday on fears that the hurricane would reduce the demand for oil in the United States, the world's top consumer of oil.

One fact that comes to mind is that just as important as the news of potentially groundbreaking events is the emotional impact they have on investors and analysts. It is investor opinion that shapes the market, and not all events may bring out the expected reaction from investors.

The ability to predict and analyze investor response is just as important as studying the markets and the events shaping them. For in-depth information about the markets, particularly when you're trading stocks online, you need the right kind of trading software to help you. That's what TradeZero offers you with its advanced online trading platforms. Call us at +1 954-944-3885 or email


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