The option of zero commission trading is one of the major factors that make online stock trading so attractive. There's no doubt that trading stocks online is the right way to learn and understand the stock market, and the art of buying and selling stocks for a profit. It takes time and tons of experience to master this, and a reliable online broker dealer offers you many features such as the aforementioned commission free trading and higher leverage to make your trading experience more worthwhile.

When you're starting out in trading stocks, you may not have much of an idea about this and you really need some extra bit of motivation to get going.The option of making trades without paying any commission for each trade makes it quite attractive indeed.

When you make a trade, buying or selling, there are execution costs involved which can be explicit as well as implicit. Commission belongs to the category of explicit costs. It's the actual cost of the trade. It's what the brokerage firm or broker dealer gets for the deal you make as a trader registered with the firm.

For someone starting out in stock trading, just learning the art, any gains made in selling stock are a huge encouragement. But the commission paid to the broker dealer could take up a chunk of the meager earnings made in your early days of trading. With zero commission trading you can cut short on the brokerage fee for each trade made and this helps you maximize your earnings, giving you encouragement to trade more and gain greater experience.

That's why TradeZero offers you free commission stock trading, as long as your targeted stock trades at $1 or more and you utilize a limit order for executing away from the market. Get the most from your trade executions and gain precious experience. Call us at +1 954-944-3885 or email


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