Stock market experts will be on the lookout for promising industries and promising stock within those industries. The IT technology industry is one where some major players have been experiencing amazing growth. That’s worth checking out for your online stock trading.

There are two companies in the tech sector that are doing particularly well, and are among the currently highest profitable IT companies. The metric used to identify this is quarterly earnings per share (EPS). The quarterly EPS is an important performance metric which indicates the efficiency with which a company is managed, since it is an assessment of the company’s ability to generate net income with a low capital amount. Of course cost savings are critical, but the need for innovation, research and product development implies that it isn’t easy to save costs for IT tech companies.


IBM (International Business Machines Corporation, NYSE: IBM) is one of these companies. It has gone through a change in the business model, and software and IT services are now given a stronger emphasis than hardware, though the latter is still produced. Its hardware systems segment has been renamed as the systems segment so as to include OS software along with hardware platforms. It has also revised its other main business segments. 10.38% of the revenue of $IBM in the first half of this year came from systems segment. Hardware sales did not account for all of it since there was operating systems software included as well. The first half of this year saw IBM earn an approximate profit of $4.52 billion.


Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL) offers database software and is a very popular company. It acquired Sun Microsystems in April 2009. Sun was the developer of Java, the programming language of choice. After Sun’s acquisition by $ORCL, the latter continues to market Java which has made it one of the most preferred languages for programming. Oracle also announced its acquisition of the world’s first company to specialize in cloud computing, NetSuite (NYSE: N).

Oracle’s financial year begins on the 1st of June. In Q3 of fiscal 2016, the company attained a $2.14 billion profit. Its Q4 profit grew significantly to $2.81 billion, while its total profit from December 1, 2015 through May 31, 2016 was $4.95 billion.

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