Looking at how stock trading has improved through the decades, features such as zero brokerage trading have drawn various kinds of people to the stock market. But often, the wisdom to understand markets and how they could be adapted to our trading and investing goals is elusive. What’s needed is access to people who’ve been there and done that, and are also doing that on a regular basis.

Stock traders who’re looking to gain better understanding of the markets and improving their trading capabilities need to earmark June 20, 2019. That’s when New York City will witness the first ever Benzinga Trading Summit.

So Much to Learn at the Benzinga Trading Summit!

The summit is where the most respected names in the field of finance and stock trading take part in the Trader Talks. That’s where you can look to gain a significant advantage in your trading career. You’ll also come across some of the best day traders with whom you can trade. The Trader Talks are part of the general admission. If you would like further in-depth mentoring, you need to head to the Live Trading Lounge for which you have to buy premium passes.

Learn from the Who’s Who of the Trading World

What makes the Benzinga Trading Summit so important to you is that in 1 day you get insight that can help you in your entire trading career, changing it for the better. This could be the day where you are led to adopt an approach more in tune with maximizing returns and exceeding your trading goals. You could be taking advice from traders and investors who’ve attained major gains. The complete psychologically and financially motivating approach they’ve taken is one of the reasons for their success. You could learn to adopt that approach as well.

Among the trainers are:

  • Job Najarian, founder of Investitute
  • Tim Seymour, Seymour Asset Management Founder and CIO
  • Stockstotrade.com lead trainer Timothy Bohen
  • SangLucci.com Founder and HeadTrainer Anand Sanghvi
  • Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital CEO and Chief Global Strategist
  • Investors Underground Founder Nathan Michaud
  • DumbMoney.tv’s Chris Camillo
  • SMB Capital Managing Partner Mike Bellafiore, and many others.
You get to learn from the pros whom you might never get an opportunity to meet otherwise.

Draw Inspiration Straight from the Experts

With such an impressive lineup of educators representing some of the greatest names in the world of investing and day trading, it is as if you’re directly drawing inspiration and intellect from their brain cells! The content lineup is designed to highlight the expertise and specific skill sets of each of these educators. There is also a humanitarian side to the event. Proceeds from the inaugural Benzinga Trading Summit will be channeled towards research in breast cancer and also educating traders through the Traders4ACause nonprofit.

TradeZero has always been motivated to help people trade better and find greater success, through features such as commission free trading and free trading software. It is one of the major sponsors of the Benzinga Trading Summit and welcomes all its customers to the Big Apple on June 20, 2019. Register here! To learn more about what TradeZero offers, please contact us at 1 954-944-3885, or email support@tradezero.co.


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