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With high tech trading platforms, TradeZero has proudly made it to the finalist list in the top technology category of the 2019 Benzinga Global Fintech Awards, officially making it one of the Benzinga Top Fintech Listmakers. The awards were held on the 19th of November, 2019 at New York City.

What Are the Benzinga Global Fintech Awards?

The Benzinga Global Fintech Awards celebrate the role of financial technology (fintech) companies in the overall finance industry. This was the 5th year of the prestigious awards, and it’s where industry leaders in the fintech industry and the newcomers in the field met and rubbed shoulders against each other. Making it to the Benzinga Listmaker category affirmed that TradeZero is one of the finest companies offering some of the most advanced technology platforms in the fintech industry.

This year’s awards day featured the Day of Consumer Fintech Networking and Dealmaking, with the spotlight on the “thousands of deals” that have been made by fintech companies during the 5 years the awards were held. 

Ad Space, Featured Article and Bragging Rights

The Benzinga Listmaker recognition won the company ad space worth $5,000 on the website. There will also be a featured article by the editorial team at Benzinga. This featured article reaches out to more than 20 million readers each month. The award also included placement with MarketWatch, MSN and Yahoo! Distributors.  

Shaping the Future of Financial Services

The awards day was a convergence of companies and APIs that define the future of digital wealth. The leading minds in the field of consumer wealth management gathered under one roof. It was a great honor for TradeZero to be featured in such a gathering as a Listmaker. The Awards provided an opportunity for showcasing companies having the most advanced technology that could shape the future of capital markets and financial services, and this year TradeZero was one of the foremost of these companies.   

You can sample TradeZero’s advanced but user-friendly direct access trading platforms including ZeroFree, ZeroPro, ZeroWeb and ZeroMobile for yourself. They’ve initiated many into the world of stock trading, and can prove to be the perfect platforms for you. Learn more about the Benzinga awards here. To get started in trading stocks, get in touch with us at 1 954-944-3885 or email us at 


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