Identifying possible new trends is a major quality required for successful online stock trading. Right now, a trend is developing in Japan that could significantly influence the global automobile and household energy market.

Toyota’s Fuel Cell Buses

Fuel cell technology could get widespread sooner than we think globally, if Toyota Motor Corp ($TM) has its way to introduce fuel cell buses in Tokyo. The auto major has carried out various field tests to develop the technology. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has apparently been impressed with the tests and has scheduled to run two buses powered by fuel cell technology on fixed routes in 2017. By the beginning of 2018, the government will gradually raise the number of fuel cell buses plying along the Tokyo metropolitan area. So Toyota will begin selling fuel cell buses early next year.

The company wishes to see more than 100 of its fuel cell buses plying the Tokyo metropolitan area in time for the 2020 Olympics. And on a wider perspective, Toyota believes fuel cell vehicles could be extremely practical for public transportation. This is an area of focus now for the world’s largest automaker.

Improving the Toyota Fuel Cell System

Toyota was helped in the fuel cell bus development by its subsidiary Hino Motors. You’ve probably heard of the Toyota Fuel Cell System (TFCS). While this is the primary technology running the fuel cell buses, the system was modified to improve energy efficiency and environment-friendliness through absence of carbon dioxide emissions. It might be recalled that the TFCS was developed originally for the Mirai vehicle.

Potential for the Energy Market as Well

Being an automobile industry leader, any trends started by Toyota could filter down and spread to the entire market. $TM is confident in the potential of hydrogen-based vehicles, and firmly believes that they are the energy source of the future. It points out that one of the major advantages of fuel cell vehicles is that the fuel cell supply powering them can also be used as a source of electricity for home appliances, in case of emergencies. Toyota would know, since it is also designing stationary fuel cells and fuel cell forklifts for individual residences.

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