In stock trading and investment, strategic decisions made by stocks must be evaluated in relation to the future benefits or consequences arising from those decisions.

When future challenges are too much to handle, companies join hands. In the automobile industry, there is the challenge of autonomous driving. The self-driving trend is increasingly being seen as a strategic trump card by auto and tech manufacturers, and it will be on roads sooner rather than later. That's why players from major industries have joined hands for capitalizing on this autonomous driving trend by developing services that can be used in these self-driving cars.

Consortium to Come up with Smart Solutions

They've formed the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium that includes, among others, Toyota Motor Corporation ($TM), Intel Corporation ($INTC) and Ericsson ($ERIC). It's clear from the varied nature of the companies involved that self-driving and associated technologies require research and inputs from a wide range of industries.

The consortium's specific goal is to increase network capacity for accommodating automotive big data. As autonomous driving gets featured in more and more cars, for these to work efficiently, network capacity must be increased for big data transmission between autonomous cars and the cloud through edge computing and efficient network designing. The consortium wants to develop use cases for the new mobile devices, focusing on the automotive industry. These use cases will be brought to standards bodies, industry consortiums, and solution providers.

Data from Numerous Sensors Must Be Transmitted

Developing successful and reliable self-driving cars requires processing massive amounts of data. The consortium itself claims that by 2025 vehicles would generate data worth 10 exabytes per month! That's a humungous amount of data. Business Insider Intelligence reckons that, by that time, the US roads would be occupied with 3 million autonomous and semi-autonomous cars all fitted with all kinds of sensors and cameras transmitting data about the vehicles to the automobile manufacturers and technology providers.

Efficient and quick transmission of data is essential for the reliable functioning of the autonomous driving systems. With so many sensors and cameras fitted to the cars, and so much data involved, extra bandwidth is needed for quick transmission. That's what this consortium is focusing on developing. Latency must be avoided at all costs.

Edge computing and advanced data processing capabilities for designing new network architectures are essential for data to be processed faster. With this data, car companies can also personalize the autonomous driving experience for their customers.

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