Stock trading has changed a lot since its initial days. Never has the march of technology been so intense than in the past decade when a range of software resources and tools transformed stock trading, making it a level playing field and ensuring even new traders stand a chance. Trading software is a glowing example of this. Modern stock trading software has advanced to such an extent so as to include interactive and resourceful features to understand the market in-depth. Mobile apps are another example that provides unparalleled mobility options for the trader.


Two mobile apps have been introduced by the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) for providing investors convenient financing information about companies listed with the TSX and TSXV. The apps also include a tool for stock research.


The TSX investinit and TSX discovery have been conceived so that investors can explore the wide range of investment opportunities on offer at the leading stock exchanges of Canada.


TSX Investinit and TSX Discovery


TSX investinit is an app plus website, which can help track and aggregate publicly available financing transaction of companies listed in the TSX and TSXV. The app serves to raise public awareness of the financial transactions happening on the exchanges through a free presentation of the information beyond the public company filings. Menu options are varied and include Public Offerings, Private Offerings, Debt Financings and Flow-Through Financings.


TSX discovery is a research tool conceived to enable investors to use various parameters for identifying listed companies. These parameters include sector and sub-sector, region of activity, location, and commodity type. This enables investors to have a creative manner of navigating the wide web of listed companies spanning various stages of growth and industry sectors, and even accessing customizable social media feeds for keeping abreast of news and developments regarding listed companies.


While TSX investinit can be downloaded on the Google Play or Apple App Store, TSX discovery is now available at Apple App Store.


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