With stock brokers online offering features such as zero brokerage trading, it has become easier to trade stocks. But traders and investors must be prepared for the ups and downs of the market. Let’s check out the state of the market from the 13th to the 16th of May 2019. The third week of May had its usual share of ups and downs.

The Gainers

Looking at the big gainers, Jiayin Group Inc ($JFIN) soared 56.12% to top at $21.70. The Chinese company that offers an online financial marketplace had a positive IPO and announced its closing earlier this week. Iovance Biotherapeutics Inc ($IOVA) soared 36.06% to end at $15.28. It had a Buy rating on TradingView.com. Adverum Biotechnologies Inc ($ADVM) rose 26.05% to $8.13 and earn a Strong Buy. In the S&P 500, Cisco Systems Inc ($CSCO) had a 6.66% growth to rise to a value of $55.93 and a Buy rating. Mettler-Toledo International Inc ($MTD) rose 3.59% to top at $744.98.

The Losers

Soliton Inc ($SOLY) dropped 31.50% to sink to $7.22 and earn a Sell rating on TradingView.com, despite the excitement the medical device company generated with its announcement of the Rapid Acoustic Pulse (RAP) technology that can help in removing tattoos faster with lesser number of visits. Xynomic Pharmaceuticals ($XYN) dipped 24.75% to sink to $3.01. Cellectar Biosciences Inc ($CLRB) dropped 22.70% to $2.18 and a Sell rating. In the S&P 500, Nektar Therapeutics ($NKTR) dipped 7.55% to sink to $31.34. Xilinx Inc ($XLNX) lost 7.27% to end at $106.13.


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