In the stock market, among the vast array of stocks out there, there are always some stocks that stand out from the others as a result of their performance. It isn't always obvious sometimes, but an in-depth, analytical look into the stock could reveal it. That's why analyst opinion matters.

Apple Is Special - Just Ask an iPhone Owner

Apple ($AAPL) is one such stock, according to Motley Fool analyst Ashraf Eassa. He points out that the stock does have its strengths as well as weaknesses, but there isn't any organization out there that is perfect. However, Eassa highlights that Apple does have strong core competencies at which it is better than most of its rivals. These core competencies have enabled it to grab a lion's share of the profits in the smartphone industry. Its customer loyalty rates are what other companies cannot even get close to achieving.

Exclusive Apple Stores Make It a Magnet for Sales

Apple's retail presence is one of its strong points. Its global retail presence is significant.While it is true that you get Apple products from other retail stores as well, the company does have a wide retail network. These exclusive Apple stores provide the company with many advantages over its rivals. It isn't hard to see why.

In exclusive Apple stores you only have Apple products. The customer therefore has a range of Apple products to choose from, and inevitably he/she will leave the store with an Apple product in hand. The other mobile phone, desktop, laptop and digital equipment manufacturers who don't have such a wide network of exclusive stores don't enjoy this luxury. Their potential customers are always distracted by the presence of products from competing manufacturers. So the likelihood of the customer leaving the generic electronic or mobile store with their products is less. But since Apple has more of its exclusive stores, there are greater sales opportunities before it.

Not only in sales, Apple's retail presence can also be felt in servicing and support. With a physical Apple store in their location having highly trained staff, customers have greater confidence that their products can be rectified in case of any issues. That's certainly further motivation for buy Apple devices.

Software Updates for Even Older iPhones

The universality of Apple's software updates is another factor pointed out by analyst Ashraf Eassa. Even if the consumer has an older model of an iPhone or iPad, Apple still continues to offer software updates for the older device just as it does for its latest iPhone or iPad. So even if the consumer has an older iPhone, the software in it will be the latest version. Eassa quotes the example of the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, the iOS11, which is compatible with even the iPhone 5s that the company launched back in 2013;and it was available for download on the same day for the latest as well as the older devices. That further inspires people to buy Apple products.

The Tag of Constant Innovation

Apple is also on the forefront of innovation. We've seen that in some aspects such as the fingerprint scanner, 64-bit support for mobile processors, dual-lens camera, pressure-sensitive display, and the 3D depth-sensing front camera for facial recognition and tracking that has debuted in the iPhone X. Not all innovations have seen Apple lead the way though, and other manufacturers have fueled the industry switch to larger mobile screens, but Apple has the vibe of innovation around it which again motivates customers to check it out.

Taking all these factors into consideration, Motley Fool analyst Ashraf Eassa deduces that Apple is one of those companies doing the right things to keep consumers happy and loyal. That is sure to keep the $AAPL stock on a positive growth path and remain a great investment opportunity.

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