Online stock trading has become very popular with features such as zero brokerage trading. But the secret to success in the stock market is identifying opportunities before they slip away.

Sometimes you come across some amazing stocks that could give you a lot more than what you expected. One analyst is looking at what other analysts opine and, on that basis, believes there are certain stocks that could, in 12 months, give you returns worth 100% or even more!Motley Fool’s Keith Speights echoes what has already been known – the opinions of analysts could be crucial enough to sway the path of stocks, though the opposite is also likely.

And now there is one stock, among others, that analysts really feel good about. And they’ve got solid reasons for thinking they’d double your money in the coming 12 months. Let’s check this stock and the reasons behind the positivity it generates among analysts.

A Biotech Stock Employing Revolutionary & Promising Tech

The biotech industry is the playground that is breeding opportunities. Editas Medicine ($EDIT) has something special about it. It is one of the few biotech companies that specialize in CRISPR gene editing. Gene editing has remarkable potential in healthcare, and the stock market generally has a high regard for such stocks. But while there are other biotech firms focusing on CRISPR, they don’t have any product that is even close to the FDA-approval process yet, despite all that research. Editas has one though, EDIT-101.

The company plans to start patient dosing for the product in the latter half of 2019. The drug utilizes gene-editing therapy for treating LCA10 or Leber congenital amaurosis type 10, which is the major factor causing inherited blindness. The EDIT-101 phase 1 clinical study could be historic in that it would be the first ever CRISPR therapy test conducted in human patients inside the body. No other biotech company can claim that, and it isn’t any wonder that analysts and investors are totally going crazy over this.

And big pharma companies are taking notice. Allergan ($AGN) is to partner with Editas on this particular drug. That’s because the CRISPR therapy also has immense promise in the treatment of other rare eye diseases caused as a result of genetic issues, apart from LCA10. In fact, Editas is now eyeing Usher syndrome type 2A, another genetically caused eye disease. Celgene ($CELG) is also partnering with Editas to develop cancer fighting T-cell engineered therapies.

Potential Risk Involved

The potential for this stock to double may be great, but Speights warns that there is potential risk involved too. The pharmaceutical industry is known for clinical failures. Drugs could appear extremely promising, but when they go through the clinical trial phase they probably could fail to turn out as expected. And even if they could double, it needn’t necessarily be in the next 12 months. So Speights concludes that aggressive investors with the capability to take some amount of risk could consider Editas.

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