We all have friends who are old school.
You know the type, they resist change and defend yesteryear often for nostalgia's sake.
Then they are shown a better way and see the light.
It is reported that many get their news from the internet only, making newspapers a thing of the past.
Personally, I still like my newspapers and magazines, I like turning the pages, and deciding what to engage with.
The front page and headlines probe my brain for engagement, as I fend off distractions and look for trading opportunities beyond the headlines.
As traders, we have to have a system and way to develop ideas.
Whether technical or thematic, a good system relies on uncovering patterns or news that's not fully known or digested by the markets.
The front page takes center stage and is like a megaphone, but that's usually news that's already known.
I'm looking for news that's actionable and tradable, and not known to all.
I know that once the news is known by all, it’s not really tradable news anymore.
Many of us are old school at heart, we cherish our morning papers.
So I turn the pages.
I look to glean any item that appears to be underreported.
I’m looking for fresh news and a fresh angle.
What you saw last night on television and the internet is not tradable news either, it’s already been digested.
The news on the front page may bring deeper knowledge & understanding-but unless it's an exclusive revelation that the publication is breaking, it's not market moving.
Some stories are newsworthy but just have not had the time to capture the focus of the investing and trading community.
And that is why we read & focus on what may be found on the back pages, without as much obvious emphasis, as these stories are just finding their way into the news cycle.
It is these stories that tend to be underreported, but are actually news, and we can find tradable themes and opportunities.
Financial reports and profiles of industry trends that are not front-page material are often found in small items in the back of your paper or magazine.
Niche market publications are a great place to spend time developing investible themes and trading ideas.
Make sure to look deep in the back pages...and keep your eyes open.
Which brings us back to a magazine I saw back in 2011.
It was in Wired magazine, and they a headline and an article on Bitcoin.
It was in the back pages.
I'll never forget it.
"The Rise & Fall of Bitcoin, Wired follows the story of Bitcoin, the virtual currency you can actually spend - if it doesn’t get stolen first".
Just think about what $100 dollars thrown at Bitcoin in 2011 would be worth today. (If it wasn't stolen!)
Start mining your own news flow... there's gold in the back pages!

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