When you’re carrying out online stock trading, remember that groundbreaking products could change the course of the industry. And Elon Musk isn’t new to launching innovative products.

The Tesla Strategy

Tesla’s innovative, new solar panel-embedded tiles could transform the solar energy as well as the construction industry. It may appear strange that Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors ($TSLA) is pioneering a technology that a company like SolarCity ($SCTY), run by Musk’s cousins and dealing with solar-powered home and office infrastructure, should actually be developing. Tesla deals with electric automobiles after all. But SolarCity is in an embattled state and Tesla has wanted to merge with the company, in spite of opposition towards it.

Musk has revealed that Tesla wishes to diversify into solar technology as well since it all involves alternate energy, be it batteries or solar. And it is precisely for this reason that Musk wants $TSLA and $SCTY to merge since that would help avoid any conflict of interest. In any case, Tesla’s shareholders will be voting on the proposed SolarCity merger, and to make the case stronger Musk recently held a presentation of its unique solar glass tiles for roofs.

The New Solar Panels Doubling Up As Roof Panels

They don’t look like solar panels but they perform the same function. They are available in various aesthetic variants and have impressed one and all at the presentation with their clean contours and beauty. These innovations are part of a new version of Tesla’s Powerwall battery pack designed to enable homes and businesses to go off the power grid through alternate energy generation, without relying on electricity from power companies.

Solar panels are usually photovoltaic steels that need to be installed on the roofs of houses or other buildings. But Tesla’s solar glass tiles are made of quartz glass. Not only do they capture solar energy, they are also strong enough to be used as roof panels. That helps save costs since you don’t need to build the roof and then install the tiles, you can install these solar tiles as roof panels. They are also aesthetically pleasing and durable, as was demonstrated in Musk’s presentation. Musk claims the tiles can last indefinitely and withstand snow and ice.

Tesla’s Powerwall battery pack works with the solar panels. The presentation also involved the unveiling of Powerwall 2.0, the next generation of the battery pack.

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