Expert opinion and empirical data are the cornerstone of any successful online stock trading. This data, combined with features such as commission-free trading helps beginners make the most appropriate decisions.

When you can know for sure that certain stocks will give you growth, that’s just the direction to go if you’re that kind of an investor. Certain technical patterns can give you a clear indication that the stock would grow. Here are some of these stocks as suggested by an expert:

Hudson Technologies

Following the earlier breakout, refrigerant services company Hudson Technologies ($HDSN) keeps extending and is up 4% or 26 cents to 6.5 on 707,661 shares that were traded on Monday, the 29th of August. The news of a Department of Defense (DOD) contract in mid-July rose the stock. That high lasted for around a month before the breakout. The stock seems to have a tendency to accelerate. The near-term target is $7 while the secondary target hovers in the region of $9.

ARRIS International

Communications technology company ARRIS International ($ARRS) looks set to break above the declining tops line. The stock had a sharp fall from December to February. It was at base level for 4 months and then spiked lower before popping immediately in late June in a “v” bottom. The stock has since surged around 30% and closed up further 81 cents to $27.95 on 1.5 million shares on Monday, August 29. If the stock breaks out of this, it could get to $32.50 to $33 short-term.

LeMaitre Vascular

Medical devices company LeMaitre Vascular ($LMAT) did gap and break out of a coiling base pattern it was in for 7 months after its quarterly report revealed that it soared above Wall Street expectations. Since then the stock is flagging though it eventually broke out of it on Monday and was up 3% or 55 cents to 18.04 on 240,681 traded shares. The stock could move to $21 before heading to the top of the channel in the region of $25. This kind of objective data from experts helps. The right online broker dealer also helps to make online stock trading a pleasant experience. And that’s what TradeZero does. So get in touch with us at +1 954-944-3885, or email us at


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