To identify stocks with potential while trading stocks online, you need a clear and in-depth idea of the market. Many stocks try unconventional means to get more successful, but others get involved in fields and applications that are more of a necessity to the society.

Taser International ($TASR) could be on the path to providing stun gun-armed drones to law enforcement agencies. Taser is a company involved in manufacturing evidence management and body camera solutions. It recently discussed the efficiency of a drone armed with stun gun in carrying out police tasks for maintaining law and order, particularly in high risk environments.

The company has received enquiries on possibilities of using its devices from autonomous vehicles. In situations of high risk, autonomous vehicles could massively help law enforcement by keeping public safety officers out of the line of danger and enabling them to incapacitate a threat faster. As things stand, Taser is only in the evaluation stage. There are also some disadvantages involved, particularly in terms of potential chances of misuse.

$TASR seems to be set to maximize its earnings in the coming few years. In 2016 Q2, $TASR reported revenues worth $58.8 million, a 26% increase year-to-year. The company’s Axon products saw a 135% year-to-year rise to $72 million this year. Taser is also looking to offer law enforcement agencies a cloud-connected and scalable device platform along with the weapon products. Even if the drone technology is not feasible, the company will be looking for other innovative ways in which its products can be enhanced. This innovation keeps it well placed to increase its earnings. Taser is also looking to advance its technology for global applications.

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