Observing trends of the stock market is as essential as framing the right strategies. With advanced direct access trading platforms, stock trading has become more user-friendly. But you still need to observe the markets. 


Partial Trade Deals Bring Hope to Markets

The partial US-China trade deal is a respite for Asian markets. In the United States too, Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S&P 500 futures experienced a modest rise on Sunday night. The stock market experienced a strong rally on Friday on hopes of a  trade deal with China, though when the actual trade truce was made the gains did fade a bit. Apple ($AAPL) managed to hit a record high for its stock, while Facebook ($FB), Alphabet ($GOOGL), Microsoft ($MSFT), Visa ($V) and Nvidia ($NVDA) are all close to buy points. This positivity could continue this week.


What the Trade Truce Is All About


The trade truce is actually the first phase of what President Trump calls a “substantial” deal. As per the deal, China will purchase more US farm goods to the tune of $40 billion to $50 billion. There were also some intellectual property commitments announced by the United States. And the United States will postpone the tariff hikes it had planned to put in effect from Tuesday. As of now, the tariffs planned to be imposed in December are still on schedule. These include tariffs on the Apple iPhone made in China. According to China’s commerce ministry, there was “substantial progress” in the talks.          


But, as such, there isn’t a trade deal in place yet. There are more details to be announced and put in place. But it has made its effect on the markets. Keep watching the US - China trade news to have a clear picture of what the markets hold in the days to come. With advanced stock trading software, you don’t need to be an expert in the markets to get started with trading.



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