One interesting theme common amongst traders is their misconception in relation to the value of money. We can punt $500 or more on a random trade but when it comes to buying a pair of jeans we’ll go for the cheaper option to save a few bucks.

When I flipped the $660 into over 100k it felt like a fun game, just numbers on the screen, curious to see what milestone I could hit next. Or, I remember when I bought my first apartment, but I was just wiring money from one bank to another, it still never felt real, except the freedom of not having a mortgage.
Even when I took a major loss a few month’s back, losing a third of my total earnings, it felt like I’d just dropped down a level in the game. A mentor of mine tells me he knows traders who keep $10k in cash by their computers at all times in an attempt to realize the value of money.

It’s only really now on my travels, seeing the world, developing new connections,  I understand that a few 100 euros can buy you experiences you may one day proudly tell your grandchildren.

It provides a genuine opportunity to live a life most can’t and for that I feel blessed. And as a disclaimer as I’m writing this, I’m by no means rich and the money I’ve made comes from multiple revenue streams. Trading is one of them.
So that’s my two cents on that anyway, now on to a market update.

$INDP demonstrated some promising volatility.

It shouldn’t be a huge surprise to anyone that $INDP ran being a low-float cancer-related stock. The key was doing your research ahead of time to be in it on the long-side.

Also, looking at its chart history you can see it has made quite a few decent runs without any huge level of volume.

Little to no movement in the NFT sector

I think most are waiting for more movement in this sector but with the sector leader $TKAT staying still I guess it’s still a bit of a waiting game.

And that’s a wrap. As I’m in Portugal i’m not heavily monitoring everything so if there’s something I missed definitely hit me up to let me know on Twitter via @jonk87. Till next week, over and out.

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