Sitting here writing to you from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, after few weeks in Portugal and with no plans to go home anytime soon, I guess you could say I’m a digital nomad.

I’ve achieved the dream of travelling the world whilst working, however long it may last for – hopefully a while.

But I didn’t come here to gloat, like with everything I do, I’m trying to achieve a level of success then share the breadcrumbs on the trail in the hope that others can achieve more than I have.

And while I’m proud of the accomplishment, I don’t think it’s anything too miraculous or special - it’s something anyone can achieve with a bit of focus, effort and time.
So for what it’s worth, this post details how I’ve got here and there’s no short cuts, this journey took five years.

Step 1: Build revenue streams and drop your social life

I’m 34 now, but aged 28 I got tired of the repetition of working hard to play hard. The best way to explain it is that constant partying was becoming depressing. I also got tired of working for someone else, investing in their dream instead of mine.

You should always invest as much time in your own dream as in someone else’s.

My journey was ignited watching a YouTube video about building wealth by creating multiple revenue streams.
I focused on things that could become potential passions, which were: learning to trade; creating a YouTube channel; working in advertising and starting a phone case business – four potential income streams, not bad.

Step 2: Pursue what works and drop what doesn’t.

My ‘Falcon’ leather phone case brand flopped. I could barely sell them for $1 which was lower than cost price - so 3,000 cases got dropped down my garbage shoot one sad evening.

Trading, however, quickly developed into an obsession and YouTube surprisingly took off.  My channel was based around the premise of being the first person to document his trading journey in weekly videos from scratch – knowing zilch – and it was surprisingly unique and worthy of attention.

Step 3: Save as much as you can

I was positive trading would ultimately work out, I’d found ways to generate money through YouTube and was working so much I was rarely going out, meaning I could save a chunk of my advertising salary.

Between the ages of 28 – 32 I was saving everything I could to soon quit my full-time advertising job.

Step 4: Prepare for failure

I’m always preparing for catastrophe and failure. So I had to make sure I was covered at every base before trying to trade full time.

In March and April 2020 I had some breakthroughs, making $10k then $15k in consecutive months. It was then I started looking to leave my full-time job.

Leaving work was the most stressful thing I’ve ever done: most days consisted of near melt downs due to the upcoming lack of structure, routine and income, compounded by the persistent worry of a catastrophic life failure.

I quickly realised I needed to freelance in advertising to earn a salary I could live on - trading profits had to be seen as a bonus. Fortunately, I found a few solid freelance roles whilst departing from my full-time job.

I’d also saved enough to buy an apartment outright as a result of $66k in trading profits in 2020 which added to another $60kish saved through my full-time employment and the aforementioned revenue streams.

Step 5: Stay hungry

It’s very difficult to achieve any level of success worth having, it’s  just as hard to keep it. So for now,  I’m trying to avoid complacency, which is hard when living in holiday destinations where others are partying around you.

You have to strike a balance, which is a struggle for someone like me who loves a good time. To balance my fitness, weight, finances, work ethic and discipline I’m imposing strict measures on myself.

Today is a fast day: No food, 600 calories max, no alcohol and focusing on work, one run and one swim. My work routine generally always starts at 7am trading and I’ll put 7 or so hours into a total work day – weekends are mostly off – for years prior I had a rigid no day’s off mentality.

Closing notes:

I don’t believe anything that I’ve achieved is too miraculous or special and as I sit here I’m still jealous watching the top traders kill it week after week as I look for new patterns to improve on my own success.

It’s also worth noting my trading breakthrough came with TradeZero and as of right now they are the only broker I use, although in the past I have had multiple brokers at one time.

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