The success of online trading depends on how powerful and user-friendly the stock trading software is. The right trading software makes a successful online stock broker. Nothing happens without that. The right software gives you access to the stock market right from your home – it's as if you are there. It keeps you updated with all the vagaries of the market, and helps you trade in the US markets from the UK.

Advanced trading software contains features such as dynamic streaming quotes and real-time charting. Charts, alerts, stock watch lists, sorting, scanning and news are some of the essential features. You also need vital technical indicators to help you make the right decisions – the more the indicators, the better. But all these features wouldn’t be effective unless you have a user-friendly trading interface. The windows need to be customizable and should be able to save multiple layouts.

Even mobile versions need to be advanced since there is immense potential in app designing. You have mobile trading apps that enable you to trade in real-time even while you're on the move. That's certainly convenience exemplified, especially when you're a busy professional trading stocks as a side activity. With the mobile trading app you can access your account portfolio and check your open orders as well as executions.

TradeZero offers free trading software along with direct market access. It helps you access your trading account from your home, office or wherever you go. Its trading software is also available for the mobile. That's essential in this age, and adds to the convenience since you do not have to carry your laptop along to access your trading account. It particularly helps when you're traveling.

Its trading software comes in two web versions and a mobile version. It is characterized by functionality, speed and user-friendliness. The direct market access is an added advantage, while the mobile version links to the web version. To benefit from our stock trading software, get in touch with us at +1 954-944-3885 or email


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