Success in conventional or online stock trading often depends on identifying the growth opportunities in sectors. The healthcare sector presents significant growth opportunities now.

The Healthcare Sector Has Something Interesting

Motley Fool analysts reckon that November would be great for some healthcare stocks. That’s because the demand for goods and services in the healthcare sector isn’t connected to what happens to the economy as much as products in the other sectors are.

This month is particularly great to select a healthcare stock that has reached a milestone in brain cancer treatment. Let’s check out what makes this stock tick:

Novocure ($NVCR) – Analyst Brian Feroldi says Novocure does have risks, but the rewards outweigh them. They have a strong product, the Optune medical device, which provides a radically non-invasive treatment for brain cancer patients. It is also nearly free from all side effects.The device is to be used along with chemotherapy and is effective too, based on clinical data. Hospitals and oncologists were initially apprehensive to try it out since it was too radical for their thinking, but now those prejudices have broken down in the past years and Optune has given Novocure amazing growth.

While Optune has been conceived with brain cancer in mind, and the opportunity in this field of oncology is massive, Optune can potentially be used for treating other kinds of cancer too. The company is now focusing on expanding the use to mesothelioma, with studies ongoing in ovarian, breast, lung and pancreatic cancer. The device could taste success in tests for any of these fields, and that would be a massive windfall for the company. Demand would soar, with the device already being accepted in medical circles.

Recent Sell-off Is Not Much of a Surprise

Now there was a recent sell-off for Novocure after its Q3 earnings report revealed a 29% revenue growth, which was significantly behind the expectation of Wall Street. But Feroldi doesn’t find this surprising, considering that it had been through tremendous growth in the past few years. With the discounted share price, investors have a great opportunity to get hold of this stock. Feroldi points out that the company does continue to lose money. So, while it is a high-risk option, the tremendous growth possibility it has with Optune makes it a reasonably good choice.

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