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The iPic Deal

Netflix ($NFLX) has put a deal in place with iPic Entertainment, the luxury theater chain, to screen its movies on the same day they get released on the service. iPic Entertainment runs 15 theaters in the United States, with the Netflix movies playing in iPic’s New York and Los Angeles venues. There are options to play these movies in iPic theatres in other locations as well.

Netflix has released movies in selected theaters before, but they didn’t affect its bottom-line much. Its movies have also been boycotted by larger theater chains such as Regal Entertainment Group ($RGC) and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc ($AMC) for fear of their business and revenues being adversely affected.

Significant Benefits for Netflix

$NFLX benefits massively from this deal because it can significantly promote the Netflix brand by giving audiences the impression that movies which release on Netflix are big, quality movies and not television movies. Secondly, these Netflix movies could become eligible for the Academy Awards since they are released in a theater in either New York or Los Angeles. This is an important eligibility criterion for the Academy Awards. Winning the awards, and even being nominated for the awards, would raise the profile and visibility of Netflix significantly. This would in turn result in a significant increase in the demand for movies playing on the streaming service.

It’s certainly a well thought out deal, and in many ways it’s high time $NFLX got into the mainstream. It’s worth observing how Netflix improves its business and earnings with this deal. To keep close tabs on the market, you need advanced trading software which is exactly what you get with online broker dealer TradeZero. The sophisticated trading platforms also enable more efficient trading combined with features such commission free trading and higher day trading leverage.

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