When you’re trading stocks online it’s important to look out for upcoming segments that could potentially grow significantly.

Streaming services Netflix ($NFLX) and Amazon Prime ($AMZN) are aggressively pushing through with their global expansion plans, and the recognitions they received at the recent Emmy Awards is further proof that streaming services are the present and future of consumer entertainment.

$NFLX and $AMZN among Emmy Awardees

The number of awards that streaming services won at the recent Emmy Awards is evidence of their popularity. Among the big winners were the FX network of 21st Century Fox A ($FOXA) that won 18 awards, HBO by Time Warner ($TWX) that amassed a massive 22 awards, Netflix ($NFLX) that received 9 awards, and Prime by Amazon.com ($AMZN) that secured six awards. Amazon’s own “Transparent” web television series won two to add to the awards it had already won in previous years.

Streaming services had 70 nominations for the awards, which is a massive 52% rise from the figures of the previous year. Netflix had 54 nominations while Amazon had 16. That signifies a massive achievement for streaming services that only entered into original programming four years back.

Awards Create the Buzz among Potential Customers

The awards do more than just providing recognition. They make these shows the talk of the town in social media networks, which helps attract more audiences. Research indicates that Emmy nomination raises demand and viewership for a TV series in foreign markets, though it may not result in a major domestic surge. However, that’s still good news for streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime that are expanding internationally. Netflix now covers 130 countries while Amazon Prime covers nine countries.

To increase their appeal, Amazon and Netflix are investing in web TV series with unconventional themes such “Transparent” and “Sense8”. This is expected to turn the attention of casual observers through social networking discussions. And these awards also raise the buzz significantly.


Netflix has also struck a deal with Liberty Global ($LBTYA) which would further help expand its global presence. The deal enables Liberty Global customers to use their set top boxes for accessing Netflix content, though Netflix will have a separate billing process for its customers. With 29 million customers for Liberty Global spread across 30 countries in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, that gives Netflix a significant global footprint. This partnership will first be launched in the Netherlands.

Netflix has also struck other partnership deals with various cable operators including Comcast ($CMCSA). And from September 2016, Netflix is the only video streaming service showing Walt Disney ($DIS) movies.

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