People carrying out online stock trading often need to watch in advance for large projects undertaken by major companies. Musk’s companies are often not shy of major endeavors.

There is just no end to Elon Musk’s imagination. And investors and stock traders really need to keep watching what he comes up with next. Right now Musk is in Mars mode, and has revealed that his SpaceX company is planning to manufacture a rocket and spacecraft that will help set up a city on Mars. He believes it would take 40 to 100 years to achieve this, and the planned rocket system could take people to the red planet and support a permanent city. And let’s not forget that Musk had predicted earlier that Mars would be inhabited by 2025.

Oh, and Musk estimates the trip to Mars would cost you $10 billion, though he intends to get that down to around $200,000. Such an endeavor would require a massive public private partnership, though the finer details of the costs have not been revealed yet.

To elaborate on Musk’s plans, he plans to transport a million people at least to Mars and get a self-sustaining city set up. For a rocket fleet to travel to Mars once in two years at a time when the two planets are closest to each other, the rocket needs to be re-usable, be able to refuel while in orbit, and have to produce its fuel on Mars while it is stationed there. The right propellant has to be identified. Musk expects methane fuel to be produced in Mars since the planet has an atmosphere with carbon dioxide in majority. Remember, ice has been discovered there too.

This is certainly something investors need to be looking for. And this SpaceX mission could have a bearing on Musk’s Tesla Motors ($TSLA), which is acquiring SolarCity ($SCTY). Watch this space!

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