When trading stocks online, it is important to check companies that have strong management. Surely McDonald’s ($MCD) is one such company that would come to mind.

If there is ever an example of perseverance and how things can sometimes get better no matter how bad they are initially, it has to be the McDonald’s example, and how CEO Steve Easterbrook is managing to turn it around.

McDonald’s is now going places. And that’s largely due to the efforts of Easterbrook. Easterbrook has been in the company since 1993, though he became CEO only in 2015. As soon as he took on the reins, he came up with plans to revitalize the brand, which was going through many challenges and was slipping down the consumer radar. His plans did not convince many though, but now things are beginning to change. McDonald’s is delivering better results and the share price has been pushed up by 30%! No wonder, investors are totally impressed by Easterbrook’s performance.

Analysts at The Motley Fool identify some of the challenges that Easterbrook helped the company to overcome. One of the primary issues that had to be dealt with was the lack of consumer favorability for the brand. The problem was exacerbated with the rise of fast-casual eateries such as Chipotle. The increased health consciousness of people was another factor as well. With websites providing consumers with increased health awareness, and with lifestyle diseases rising, a small section of consumers gravitated towards healthier food, which McDonald’s didn’t cater to very well.

Easterbrook turned things around by bringing about a general shake-up. He improved efficiencies and focused on employee care. But ultimately, all this was aimed at ensuring a more satisfying customer experience. And that approach has certainly worked, as the results prove. The stock value has soared.

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