Online stock trading is a reality because of advanced stock trading software, and now you have mobile trading too with advanced apps. In fact, mobile platforms are really taking off on a grand scale. Take social media platforms, for example.

Facebook's Instagram on Course to Hit 1 Billion Users

Facebook ($FB) now has another online social media platform in its arsenal that will soon hit a billion users – Instagram. It's no surprise that the mobile social network has reached 700 million active monthly users. Every youngster is on Instagram these days, as is every celebrity. Apart from keeping touch with buddies and new contacts, Instagram also helps people to stay in touch with their favorite celebrities on a much closer level. This has recently caught on with the public on a much greater scale.

In December 2016, Instagram had 600 million users, but in a little over four months it has added 100 million users. That's an unprecedented growth, considering that before December 2016 it took around 6 months for Instagram to add 100 million users, and even before that it took 9 months for adding 100 million. This is a great sign indeed, of tremendously accelerating growth – an indication that the mobile social network's popularity is soaring. It's become the symbol of our times.

You know where this is heading. With the user base for Instagram having doubled in the past two years, it could soon hit 1 billion users. That's good news for Facebook, since when Instagram hits a billion monthly active users, it would be Facebook's fourth online social media platform or service to have a billion-strong user base.

WhatsApp and Messenger

The Facebook social network platform itself reached 1 billion users back in October 2012. That was just a few months after it went public. After that, it was the popular mobile messaging and calling service WhatsApp that crossed 1 billion users in February 2016, while Messenger followed suit in July 2016. While the core Facebook platform has been monetized, and has been the prime source of income for the social media giant, WhatsApp and Messenger have not been able to be monetized. However, Instagram can prove to be different in terms of monetization.

Free messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Messenger cannot be easily monetized. Facebook will get there eventually, but it's not a clear cut path. Things will be easier with Instagram since it's the kind of platform that Facebook already has experience monetizing. With over a million advertisers active on Instagram, and Instagram Stories also having more than 200 million daily users, $FB is sure monetizing big time.

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