Online stock trading is a great option for retirees who would prefer the convenience of staying at home and trading. But retirees also need to know the right kind of stocks they must choose for their portfolio.

Sometimes, the only stocks you must think of including in your portfolio are those that are leaders in their respective industries. This is true especially when you're living through retirement or are in a situation where you really cannot afford to go unconventional and take risks by grabbing a very low priced and hardly attractive stock and betting on its unexpected and astronomic rise some day. A safety cover is essential for retirees in investing. It wouldn't be too hard to find stocks that are ruling their industry since they are some pretty famous names.

Microsoft Is a No-brainer

There couldn't be a more influential and popular brand to think of than Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT). The company's failure to make an impact in the mobile phone market and the declining sales of software products based on its PC may stick out as negative points but that doesn't mean the company isn't doing well. It has offset this with sales of its cloud products. In fact, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has a goal of reaching $20 billion in 2018 in cloud revenue. And its recent quarter results prove that he's certainly getting there.

Microsoft's Azure business app building and management platform has also seen doubled sales. The Office 365 platform has seen 54% year-over-year growth, while sales of its cloud services and office consumer products have grown 19%. Mobile phones are anyway not going to take up a significant portion of the company's revenue in the future. As its mobile sales keep shrinking, it can rely on Windows 10 to overcome the headwinds. And let's not forget that Microsoft has a massive user base for its Xbox gaming console, thanks to Xbox Live. And it's bringing out the Xbox One S soon as well, the smaller and more powerful version. And the news that's recently been doing the rounds is its acquisition of LinkedIn. Once that's fully completed, it could result in cross-selling opportunities to benefit Microsoft's top-line and bottom-line. The company also has a dividend yield of 2.4% plus a very positive balance sheet. This and the aforementioned growth factors make Microsoft an ideal retirement investment option.

ExxonMobil is Strong in Spite of Declining Crude Prices

While Microsoft isn't much of a surprise the oil and natural gas industry isn't something you may be thinking of, considering its declining prices. Demand for crude has been low overseas while massive investments are being made in domestic production. Low prices can only bring about short term impact for energy producers but they could actually turn out to be favorable in the long term. Leading companies can buy assets from struggling companies which will put the former in a very advantageous position as prices begin rebounding. And when you think of such a leading and globally present oil company, ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) unfailingly comes to mind.

The company is a giant in energy production and has now diversified to other areas such as refining, chemical production and retail. This diversification is a wise move and helps the company to insulate itself from drops in commodity prices. This was clear from the fact that ExxonMobil could still generate profits in spite of the drop in commodity prices while this year the company continued to perform well in the Q1 period. ExxonMobil's earnings totaled $16.2 billion in 2015 while in 2016 Q1 earnings were $1.8 billion.

This ability of the company to make its way through storms virtually unscathed makes ExxonMobil a great option for retirees or those looking for a safe investment. The profit made by the company provides it with the capability to carry out mergers and acquisitions and provide attractive dividends to shareholders, which currently stand at 6.4%. Its dividend has kept rising at an average rate of 6.4% in the past 33 years. Buying ExxonMobil on sale would particularly be a great option.

This insight would go some way in providing retirees with a sense of direction on what their portfolio needs. Getting in touch with a reliable online broker dealer such as TradeZero, which provides direct market access and zero commission trading, would be the right way to start it all though.

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