If you trade or invest, then you will surely want to know how the Covid 19 pandemic has affected day trading and investing.

Before we start, you've probably heard the expression "everyone is a genius in a bull market".

It’s a funny but true expression that explains how even the most inexperienced traders can make money and get away with poor trading habits (and even be rewarded by them if the market conditions are favorable enough).
But who survives when the market conditions aren't as favorable? And how has the Covid 19 pandemic affected our markets? Read on!

Trading and Investing During the Pandemic

During the Covid 19 pandemic there was another outbreak going on. A day trading and investing outbreak that led millions of people to explore the financial markets.

It was a BIG boom in the marketplace and even disrupted the normal trading activity of long-time experienced traders and investors.

In fact, it even caused some large hedge funds to take on massive drawdowns and losses during the unforgettable GameStop squeeze.

As someone whose traded stocks for 15 years, and even day traded through the 2008 financial collapse, this was a feather in my cap in terms of learning experience and knowledge gained.
During peak of the Covid 19 pandemic we saw some unprecedented market conditions: Insane volume, massive daily runners, and what was even more fascinating is how rewarding the market seemed to be for people who paid no attention to risk management... but what's happening now?

In my opinion, a lot of people got cycled out of the market and have given up on their aspirations to become a career trader because now it takes experience and risk management to make money daily, along with a sound trading strategy and system.

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Many people got stuck holding the bag on one of the many pump jobs on stocks out there, followed the wrong guidance from popular twitter traders, and gave up on their trading aspirations because they think that trading is "too hard" because it was "too easy" before.

What if you are Struggling in this Market?

I'm here to tell you that today, in this market condition, there is money to be made in the market and there are trades out there daily, it just takes an experienced eye to find them and capitalize on them.

You can't just buy any stock gapping up in the morning like you could 6 months ago and expect a profit. You need to have a systematic approach to trading stocks that signals when to buy and when to sell based on hard facts and technical charting data.

A good place to start would be our candlestick charting guide (hyperlink to: https://www.livestreamtrading.com/candlestick-charts-beginners-guide-2021/) to get an understanding of how big of a role charting plays in properly timing and executing trades.

You need to know what makes a stock tick, what signals or warrants a reason to buy, and most importantly, when to sell before a stock collapse on itself due to the millions of traders who have been mindlessly chasing it up into highs for days at a time.

Our trading team (myself and the trading team moderators in our chat room) have been finding 3-5 profitable trades per day using our core trading strategy and a slight modification to it that we've recently implemented, and the results have been better than ever - You just need to know what to look for!
I'm not sitting before you saying that if you join our trading team you will go from rags to riches, it’s up to you to implement our strategy and make it work for you... but I do 100% believe in our system, method, risk management principles and I think if you are an amateur trader you will benefit wildly from following and learning from an experienced team like ours on a daily basis.
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Take a peek at our twitter channel (twitter.com/@TSXtrad3r) where I post every trade I take, win or lose, to get an idea of what kinds of plays we've been into this month.
Until next time, trade safe!
There have been great trading opportunities that inexperienced traders aren't seeing because they don't know what to look for. This is where having an experienced team watching the market with you and explaining the setups, buy signals, sell signals, and more can really benefit the trader looking to expand his or her knowledge in the financial markets.

The bottom line is this: if you are a struggling trader reading this, that you will consider getting educated properly so you can give yourself the best chance at success in trading whether you are in a bull market, bear market, or sideways market.

Have a great trading day and as always, trade safe!

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