Recovering from adversity is one of the key qualities of great stocks. You can’t rule out unfortunate circumstances, but great stocks manage to bounce back. It’s important to keep this in mind for online stock trading. Let’s look at a few examples:    
UnitedHealth Group ($UNH)
The health insurance industry was generally affected by the pandemic. However, UnitedHealth Group still managed to report 6% revenue growth all through 2020:
  • For Q1 2021, UnitedHealth Group reported revenue worth $70.2 billion, a 9% growth. Operations earnings experienced a 35% growth to $6.7 billion.    

  • In Q4 2020, UnitedHealth earned revenue worth $65.5 billion, a 7.5% year-over-year growth. It also beat the estimate of Zacks by 0.6%.  

  • Q3 2020 saw UnitedHealth report revenue worth $65.1 billion. Optum led the growth at 21%. 

  • Ιn Q2 2020, the company reported revenue worth $62.1 billion, a year-over-year growth of 2.5%. It was, however, below Wall Street estimates of $63.43 billion. 
Tanger Factory Outlet Centers ($SKT)
The real estate sector was one that was significantly hit by the pandemic, and real estate investment trust Tanger Factory Outlet Centers was among the worst hit of these stocks. 2021 could provide new opportunities through:  
  • For Q1 2021, the company reported a net income worth $3.9 million.

  • Q4 2020 saw Tanger report net income worth $0.3 million. This compared to a net loss worth $12.1 million in Q4 2019.   

  • In Q3 2020, the company reported net income worth $12.9 million compared to $23.2 million in Q3 2019.   

  • For Q2 2020, Tanger reported a net loss worth $22.9 million compared to $13.6 million in Q2 2019.   
Univar ($UNVR)
Univar is a specialty chemicals distributor that is not refocusing its core activity. The company aims for a profit margin raise to bring it on level with its competitors. Here’s how it has been so far for the company in the pandemic days:  
  • During Q1 2021, Univar reported net income worth $66.2 million compared to Q1 2020s $55.9 million. Adjusted net income was reported at $73.6 million, growing from $59.2 million in Q1 2020.    

  • During Q4 2020, Univar reported net income (loss) worth $33.7 million, lower than $55.1 million in Q4 2019. Adjusted net income was reported at $45.2 million compared to Q4 2019’s $50.5 million.   

  • Univar earned net income worth $28.9 million in Q3 2020, a significant improvement over the $2.5 million earned in Q3 2019. 

  • In Q2 2020, Univar reported net income worth $1.8 million, while it had earned $16.3 million in Q2 2019.  
Pentair ($PNR)
Water treatment company Pentair managed to report sales growth right from Q3 2020 despite the Covid-19 pandemic. It started 2021 well too:
  • For Q1 2021, Pentair reported sales worth $866 million compared to $710 million in Q1 2020 and revenue growth exceeding 20%. 

  • For Q4 2020, Pentair reported sales worth $796 million, a growth of 3%.  

  • Q3 2020 saw Pentair report sales worth $799 million, beating the $682 million Zacks estimate.  
  • For Q2 2020, Pentair reported sales worth $713 million, an 11% year-over-year drop. 
Despite receiving a battering in the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, stocks have managed to bounce back. With advanced trading platforms, you can get started in investing in the stock market.  
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