The right advice is invaluable in online stock trading. Understanding the markets requires experience, knack and a certain analytic mind. And now a new breed of stock market experts and financial advisors has risen.

How many of those Olympians who returned from Rio2016 would you find sitting as financial advisors in banks and financial institutions, or as independent stock market experts providing precious financial advice? It may seem a strange question to ask but former athletes really make up great financial advisors since the Olympic traits of discipline and perseverance also apply to investing.

How World Class Athletes Turned to Financial Management

Even gold, silver and bronze medal-winning athletes struggle when it comes to managing the years of savings they have acquired, because of incompetent and dishonest financial advice given to them. Some athletes, though, after having been confused by financial advisors and taken for a ride decide to learn the art themselves and import the mental skills they’ve acquired in their years of training and playing at the highest level to planning their finances. They also help other retired athletes like themselves to make the right decisions. And they fancy a post-sport career in wealth management.

Here’s a rough list of American athletes who’ve headed this way:

  • 2008 Beijing Olympics Silver Medalist for Taekwondo Mark Lopez
  • 2004 Athens Olympics gold medalist and 2012 London Olympics silver medalist for track & field as well as 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics silver medalist for bobsleigh, Lauryn Williams
  • Former Olympic ice dancer Emily Samuelson
  • Former Olympic hockey player David Emma, and
  • Former MLB athlete Richard Giannotti

These are just some of those world class athletes that have channeled their sports-honed mental skills to financial planning.

Competitive Spirit of Athletes Helps in Sales Performance

Banks and financial institutions believe the competitive spirit of professional athletes translates to better sales performance. They are natural salespeople, and their athletic brilliance also attracts prospective customers. Most of these retired Olympians are also young and that appeals too, along with their work ethic. Professional athletes have a rigorous work ethic, and while nearly half of the young trainees brokerages hire drop out, Olympians carry on thanks to their fiercely competitive nature and their ability to work in a team.

So Wall Street has given Olympians and former professional athletes a new career to look at, and further monetary success as well. Wall Street can also help you earn big through online stock trading if you have the right online broker dealer to offer you sound advice and advanced stock trading software. TradeZero could be that broker dealer you’re looking for. Why not contact TradeZero at +1 954-944-3885, or email


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