2020 was a tough year for businesses and the stock market. But even such periods can give insights for online stock trading. So, let’s look at some stocks to see how they fared in a pandemic-punctuated 2021 and how they managed to shake off the effects as they headed into 2021.    
Pioneer Natural Resources ($PXD)
Oil exploration company Pioneer struggled with the effects of the pandemic all through 2020. The pandemic reduced the demand for transportation and fuel, as a result, bringing down their prices:  
  • During Q1 2021, Pioneer reported free cash flow worth $369 million.  
  • Q4 2020 saw the company report revenue worth $1,856 million compared to $2,643 million in Q4 2019. However, it did beat the $1,804 million consensus mark.   
  • For Q3 2020, Pioneer reported net loss worth $20 million attributable to common stockholders.  
  • During Q2 2020, the company reported free cash flow worth $165 million. Net loss was reported at $439 million. 
MercadoLibre ($MELI)
An e-commerce and digital payment company primarily operating in South America, MercadoLibre has a significant presence in the market. Operating in the digital transaction space, the Covid-19 pandemic did little to hamper its earnings:  
  • For Q1 2021, the company reported net revenue worth $1.4 billion, an FX neutral year-over-year rise of 158.4%.  
  • During Q4 2020, MercadoLibre saw its commerce revenue rise 124.2% year-over-year and fintech revenue rise 59.5%, with both figures totaling $872.9 million and $454.4 million, respectively. Gross profit reported was $489 million. 
  • For Q3 2020, the company reported net revenue worth $1,115.7 million, an 85% year-on-year rise. 
  • In Q2 2020, MercadoLibre earned commerce revenue worth $581.7 million and fintech revenue worth $296.7 million, registering year-on-year growth rates of 79.5% and 34.1% respectively.   
Dave & Buster’s Entertainment ($PLAY)
Video game arcade plus restaurant chain Dave & Buster’s Entertainment understandably struggled during the pandemic in mid-2020, when people were locked up indoors. However, it picked up in 2021:    
  • For Q1 2021, Dave & Buster’s Entertainment generated total sales worth $265 million, indicating significant recovery in post-Covid sales.  
  • For Q4 2020, the company reported revenue worth $265.34 million beating consensus suggestions of $257.98 million. It was a 66% growth from Q4 2019.  
  • Q3 2020 saw Dave & Buster’s Entertainment report total revenue worth $109 million, a 64% drop from Q3 2019. Comparative store sales dropped 66%.  
  • During Q2 2020, the company reported revenue worth $50.8 million and net loss of $58.6 million.  
Nike ($NKE)
Footwear and sports apparel manufacturer Nike faced store closures, among other disruptions, during the pandemic. However, the company benefited through digital sales:      
  • For Q2 2021, Nike reported revenue worth $11.2 billion, a 9% year-over-year growth.   
  • Net income in Q1 2021 for Nike rose 71% to $1.4 billion.  
  • Q4 2020 income was reported at $6.3 billion, a 38% decline from Q4 2019. 
  • For Q3 2020, the company saw its revenue rise 5% year-on-year to $10.1 billion. Digital sales contributed a great deal to this growth, rising 36% from Q3 2019.    
It is evident that companies operating online services have benefited significantly during an economic shutdown. However, while other businesses have struggled, the passing away of the brunt of the pandemic has given them opportunities to thrive. It’s something an experienced online trading broker can help you capitalize on.    

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