Decisions in stock trading and investing are based on how stocks perform, and how they are likely to perform in the coming months or sometime further in the future. It all depends on the outlook, and what investors and traders perceive it to be.

How consumer stocks prepare themselves for the holiday season is an important aspect of gauging the vibrancy and market worthiness of these companies. That particularly holds true for consumer tech stocks.

Apple Updates Its MacBook Air, MacMini and iPad Pro

We know Apple ($AAPL) has been focusing more on its home speaker, services sector and App Store since its iPhone demand hasn't been as hot as it used to be. And Apple had also left its laptop products neglected. That made these MacBooks slip behind rivals in technology.

But Apple is no longer willing to let its Mac products and iPads slip into oblivion. The company is preparing itself well for the upcoming holiday season by unveiling its product lineup, which includes an Apple Watch and new iPhones. It has also revealed some much needed new Macs - MacBook Air and Mac Mini. An iPad Pro is also part of the updated products arsenal. Let's not forget that the MacBook Air has been among the industry's most popular laptops.

Let's look at these innovations in detail:

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air now comes with a high resolution 13.3-inch Retina display. Display was one thing that the outgoing MacBook Air wasn't good at, even when Windows had shifted to high resolution displays. The keyboard now has a butterfly mechanism while USB-C ports will also be featured. The MacBook Air also comes with the Touch ID fingerprint recognition system, which it had introduced to the MacBook Pro some years back. The controversial Touch Bar has been done away with. The T2 custom security chip is also featured. While the older MacBook Air will be sold for $999, pricing for the new one starts at $1,999.


The updated Mac Mini now comes with the option of Intel's quad-core and six-core processors. They also come with all-flash storage. There is an updated thermal system for the new Mac Mini desktop, prices for which start at a much higher $799, unlike the $499 of the earlier model. Adding all the required accessories for professional use could take the price all the way up to $4,199.

iPad Pros

Moving to the iPad Pros, they have been comprehensively redesigned. Apple is equipping the tablets with the edge-to-edge display of the iPhone X along with the TrueDepth camera. Display continues to be the iPhone XR-type Liquid Retina LCD display. The iPad Pros are offered in 12.9-inch and 11-inch configurations. They also come with the TrueDepth camera that is embedded in the smaller bezels. The Face ID feature can be used in landscape as well as portrait mode.

With these updated innovatie features to their laptops, desktops and tablets, along with the iPhone and Apple Watch innovations, Apple believes it can effectively welcome buyers to swoop in this holiday season. But there is a significantly higher pricing for these updated products. Will that cause a dent in Apple's hopes of capturing a greater market share this holiday season?

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