Canadian investors who are really conscious of value have some great stocks to invest in, according to Motley Fool. These high quality companies have their stocks trading at discounted prices.




As you probably know, Dollarama Inc is Canada’s largest dollar store owner and operator. The company’s stock trades only at 26.5 times the $3.38 per share estimated earnings in 2017 and just 23.1 times its $3.88 estimated earnings per share in 2018.When compared with the 41.3 five-year average price-to-earnings multiple and 28.1 industry average multiple, that isn’t expensive. Dollarama also pays a $0.10 per share quarterly and $0.40 per share annual dividend. Fiscal 2017 would also be when the company has raised its annual payment of dividend for the 5th consecutive year thanks to the 11.1% dividend hike it offered in March.   


Aecon Group


One of the leading infrastructure development and construction service companies in Canada, Aecon Group Inc. has its stock trading at only 18.4 times its $0.94 estimated earnings per share for fiscal 2016 and just 15.8% of its $1.10 estimated earnings per share for fiscal 2017. Both the rates are inexpensive when compared to the 37.8 average five-year price-to-earnings multiple and the 21.8 industry average multiple. The company also offers a $0.115 quarterly dividend or $0.46 annually per share. Fiscal 2016 will be the fifth consecutive year when the company has increased its annual dividend, when considering the 15% hike in dividend in March.


Open Text Corporation


The Open Text Corporation is a leading enterprise information management provider. The stock trades at only 15.2 times of fiscal 2016’s estimated US$3.65 per share and 14.5 times of 2017’s estimated US$3.81 earnings per share. Both are inexpensive considering its 27.3 average price-to-earnings multiple and 65.8 industry average multiple. Open Text also pays quarterly dividend of US$0.20 per share or annual dividend of US$0.80 per share. Fiscal 2016 would mark the third year consecutively when it has raised its annual dividend.  


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