When you are a beginner in online trading, you need a broker dealer that can guide you through the entire process. With experience comes the skill to identify opportunities and stay away from pitfalls. The end goal of all share trading is to increase your earnings, and you don’t want to be losing them in the process.


For a beginner in the field of stock trading, expert advice matters more than gut feeling. The stock market is sometimes a confusing maze through which you need to work out the most sensible path. Key to this is holding on to winning stocks, and you can go by the gut feeling of experienced traders which does count as sound advice.


Winning Stocks According to Expert Opinion


Stock trading experts believe that the following are some of the stocks that really have the potential to take off. It’s worth considering these opinions of experienced traders featured on CNBC.com.


  • Mechel, the Russian mining company, is now looking at an upside after a sliding period which saw many of its commodities slip down. Though it has dived by around 38% in the past year, Mechel’s US-listed stock has risen close to 12%.
  • The Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF has soared by 56%. This is a trend which could see a further climbing of its stocks. Its gold futures are up by around 17%.
  • KB Home shares have risen by 17% this year. It closed at around $14.50 on Friday, April 8.


Deutsche Bank Shares on a Slide


On the contrary, Deutsche Bank’s shares have been going down. Traders should apparently stay away from these stocks that have kept lagging the wider market. Its US-listed stocks have suffered a 34% plunge this year.


How an Experienced Broker Dealer Helps


Stock trading in Canada is popular, with the major stock exchanges including the Toronto Stock Exchange, Montreal Exchange, ICE Futures Canada and CNQ. For a novice trader though, online trading could initiate them into stocks and provide them with the required experience.


With an experienced online trading broker dealer guiding you through expert advice and an advanced and user-friendly platform, you are not alone in this exciting journey through the stock market. What makes the situation more favorable is commission free trading offered by TradeZero. It helps maximize the potential of your earnings.


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